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Feb 28-Mar 06

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I am quite glad you have located my site, my name is Agatha, I am an elite independent Paris escort girl, high class Paris escort for couples, am beauty with lengthy silky brown hair and the softest smoothest skin. Peole see the vacationers and the soccer players and all the illegal aliens receiving government protection and care, but the locals are pushed aside, intimidated, as if the are youngsters(See my Gwede Mantashe quote), even if they curse and criticize the ANC in the corners of the hovels, they dare not speak out fro they have identified how cruel the ANC Cabals requires care of African "problems-makers" I see the ANC as predatory-quasi-post-apartheid regime which is avariciously gobbling the country's wealth, and creating a wide chasm and divide bide among the African Super rich Elite, and the mind numbed and dumbed poverty-stricken-down-trodden hordes.
They created the blockades and gridlocks, and then, when the Americans, several of whom dislike Obama, we fed what they knew, and hoped to hear, their machine went into action, and the outcome was what we have just witnessed: the ceding of the Senate and control of the residence by the Majority or the Majority-Republicans.
There are lots of issues which need to have to be put in appropriate historical perspective so that we can see the history of Africans, not by means of rose-colored glasses, but what it is hand what has occurred to Africans, and why the present Africans are still persona non-grata in a lot of institutions, nations and history.
It is only the Rugby Fans of the 'Bulle' and the 'Crusaders' who created it like the coming World Cup will be a lot more or less like the coming of the fearless, not scared white Rugby fans who created their way into Soweto, and walked into any home, "Mkhukhu" or "Zozo"(Ramshackle habitats) located in most Soweto yards, exactly where people reside in squalor and poverty, some with muddy and cold floors, bricks and other points on top rated of their roofs, and congestion in the yards and the tin-can hovels which are their homes and hold their life belongings, that the Africans ever had any sense of happiness and , perhaps fantastic instances and excellent issues to come.

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