Thoughts & Well Wishes

Harriet Herndon | Oct 16, 2019
Love and prayers to both of you always!  Special blessings on Dexe and Tommy and all of Gray's immediate family as they watch their loved one go through this procedure.   And many special, extraordinary blessings on you, Judy, as you care for and minister to the one who you obviously love so much.  Psalm 139
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Deborah Coxe McCall | Oct 7, 2019
Only someone who has been through a similar situation truly understands what you and Gray are going through.  Just keep believing and know that this will make you stronger than you ever thought you could be!  It will make your faith in God so much stronger to survive all these trials and heartaches.  I love y'all and continue to pray for both of you.  God is in control and is there beside you every step of the way.  When you feel that you can't go on, just call out to Him and tell him you need Him.  

Deborah (Coxe) McCall
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