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Grace is the youngest of our four girls and loves Jesus, playing with her friends, reading books, jumping on trampolines and playing with toys. She was diagnosed with leukemia in late July, 2019 and this journal is part of her journey. If you would like to give financially to her medical care you can visit Thanks for praying for little Gracie!

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Journal entry by Jonathan Wiest

Day 422

A lot has happened in the past six weeks with Grace. Here are a few bullet points with praises and prayer requests. 

  • Grace is now in Kindergarten. We enrolled her in a four days a week program at a local church and she is definitely thriving. Last week she hit her head on the playground equipment and had a brief trip to urgent care, but no stitches were necessary. After a long year without much group interaction, it's been fun to see her connecting with a lot more kids.
  • Blood sugar is getting back to normal. About a month ago, we were having major issues with Grace's blood sugar as a result of the oral chemo she was taking. There were a few days where we could hardly get her out of bed and ended up getting a few at-home tests (similar to those for diabetics). There have been a lot of pin pricks along the way, and after a few consultations with doctors, we were able to change her medication. For the last few weeks she has been completely normal.
  • Her hair is growing like crazy. We were shocked last April as her hair began to come in completely blonde. However, about a month ago, her hair began to change color again and her roots are now a darker brown. The effect looks like we bleached her tips or something. It's pretty cool and she might be ready for her first haircut trim.
  • Another 12-week chemo treatment begins this week.  Tomorrow we go in for another chemo treatment of Vincristine followed by 5 days of steroids. You would think these trips would become routine, but after a few months of normalcy, they actually become a bit harder and the after effects become more pronounced. Back in July we had a very difficult week with her after treatment so pray for God's grace and mercy (especially a few days after treatment when the steroids really kick in).
  • She hiked almost 3 miles at Turkey Run State Park. My parents visited Indianapolis two weeks ago and Katie and I were shocked at her stamina and willingness to press forward. She is a little trooper and did a great job even through a few treacherous spots on the trail. By the way, if you haven't visited this state park and live in Indiana, it's a must see!
  • Learning has been a bit challenging. We're noticing a bit of brain fog at times with Grace. It's been difficult for her to stay focused for long periods of time on assignments and we would ask you to continue to pray for no long-term struggles with her brain functioning and learning due to the chemo.
  • Insurance review will be finalized in October. The Children's Special Health Care Services of Indiana has been an incredible unexpected blessing during Grace's treatment. Combined with our sharing program, this special state insurance has been an incredible boost. I mentioned last year that we had a $300,000 bill and a few other six figure bills cross our desk, and CSHCS has been an incredible boost covering nearly all of those expenses. Please pray that we are covered for the second year to keep our out-of-pocket expenses to a minimum. 

I'm sure there are many more things I've left out but hopefully you are caught up on some of the highlights and prayer requests over the past six weeks. We continue to be grateful for you and your partnership of prayer and support. 

Finally, Covid-19 has been tough on many families and with six people living under one roof (two teenagers, a tween, a strong-willed five-year old, and a husband and wife trying to build an environment of love and encouragement) we are no exception. 

We've been trying to live out the passage in Colossians 3:15 that states, "Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace. And be thankful."  We continue to work toward fostering a grateful heart that trusts God through it all.  We pray the peace of Christ "rules" in your hearts as well. 

God bless, 

Jon and Katie (for financial donations) 

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