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Site created on August 5, 2017

Our beloved Grace, who is always full of kindness and compassion, is now facing a new challenge that will require much love and support from all of us who cherish her.  People who love Grace are welcome to communicate and come together on this page.  Through using this page, Grace, David, John, and their family members can feel support from many loved ones and friends throughout Grace’s recovery.  Please visit the journal updates below for regular updates on Grace’s progress.

All are invited to post supporting messages, photos, or anything else that you’d like to share with Grace and others championing her recovery.

PLEASE NOTE:  Using the “Honor Grace” and “Make a Tribute” donation options go to, not to Grace.  Only use those options if you’re interesting in supporting Caring Bridge. 

Newest Update

Journal entry by John Pacheco

Hello to Grace's loved ones and friends. Grace's obituary is running today in two publications in communities where Grace had strong ties and where many people who know Grace might be unaware of her passing.  Below are links to the online versions.

Santa Maria Times - Grace's hometown newspaper.

Vallejo Times-Herald - David's former newspaper; Grace and David lived in Vallejo for many years before settling in Sacramento.

Grace's obituary has also been published on the website of the funeral home that handled her cremation.  View this obituary.

A reminder for those of you interested in joining us: Grace's memorial mass will be held on Wednesday, September 20, 9:30 a.m., at Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament.  Refer to the previous journal posting for address, map, and direction details.

Thank you,

John, David, and Bravo
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