Pamela Yates|May 15, 2020
It's sounds so, so harrowing Gordon. Thank you for thinking of all of us and keeping up in the loop as you get stronger and stronger. The french fries are a good recovery sign post. Here's a virtual hug for you. Love, Pam
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Gretchen Brown|May 15, 2020
Gordon I am happy you are recovering so well. Looking forward to seeing you. I attended an interesting DGA Zoom meeting for the Chicago Coordinating Committee last week. President Thomas Schlamme addressed us. Outrnew contract had been ratified just before covid outbreak shut the film business. James Cameron is heading a Safe Return to Work committee. The DGA is financially solid for some time. I cannot see anyone filming a movie or TV series with social distancing so I am not expecting work anytime soon, sadly. I was on MGM/Fargo and they are hoping to finish Season 4, abut 1 month more of work.
Anyway, I thought this might be somewhat interesting to you.
Love Gretchen
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Suzanne Chicago|May 14, 2020
Thanks for sharing the links, I had missed the Trib article. LOL at singing You Can’t Always Get What You Want to your speech pathologist. You look great in the photos -- and with your KTQ shirt on to boot. Love it.

I'd recognize your typing anywhere, Gordon. So great to see you up and at 'em!
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Ellen Schneider|May 13, 2020
I'll know the world is going to be ok when I get to hug you again Gordon.
Sending a virtual one now.
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Melissa Sterne|May 13, 2020
Beautiful day for a walk! So glad to hear that you're on the mend.
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Connie Field|May 13, 2020
So glad you are well on the mend. I trust everything is okay and COVID will leave no trace!
sending a big hug
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Barbara Bogosian|May 13, 2020
Dear Gordon, so happy you are recovering so well. Let me know if I can help you in any way. Barbara
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Angela Kelly|May 13, 2020
So great to hear you and Meg got out and enjoyed a meal. Please let us know if we can help you in any way. Don't hesitate to email me or call. ( 585) 749-4850.
Lots of love,
Angela xxx
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Adrianne Furniss|May 13, 2020
Loved the Tribune article and the pictures of you. Hard to go without french fries for so long...
Glad you are on the mend and making progress!
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Lisa Kosowski|May 13, 2020
It is so wonderful to hear from you, Gordon! You are so inspiring! I hope you enjoyed your burger and fries. ❤️
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