Thoughts & Well Wishes

Rhona Jacobs | Apr 18, 2020

Congratulations on your move to Shirley Ryan, it’s the best there is!
Daily you’ll get a real workout, but in the end it will be well worth it.
One foot in front of the other, till you’re out the door.
By the way I’m in the documentary on the Chicago Maternity Center.
Rhona Jacobs

Betsy Martens | Apr 14, 2020
What a champ you are, Gordon! But then we’ve known that all along, right, gang? It has been so, so good to be able to track your vector toward recovery, in the zigzag way of so many tough battles. Nothing moves forward in a straight line, and here you are, getting ready for a rehab facility, where the hard work begins all over again. Yes, you will make your documentary, and it will be amazing. Love and hugs to you and Meg both. PS: Every night at 8 pm I’ve been out on my balcony, joining the rest of the neighborhood in creating a light show, clapping, cheering on the firemen who kick it off with siren and lights. We are cheering and clapping for the doctors, nurses, EMTs, and cleaning crews who are fighting to save patients. I’ve been waving around the two little flashlights you gave me from your flashlight collection several years ago. (Apologies for the ginormous file size.)