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9 weeks of lockdown (May 26, 2020)

Well, that’s 9 weeks now of trying to keep safe and trying to keep sane.  We’ve succeeded on both counts so far, but the restrictions are starting to chafe.

We’ve now ticked off most of the “lockdown bingo” boxes, including a few firsts for me. I cut Peter’s hair six weeks ago, and it turned out quite well, although it will be some more weeks before it needs cutting again.  I’ve made bread, thanks to the excellent Doves Farm baking box.  We’ve become adept at new technologies for chatting with family and friends, business meetings, online live yoga and Feldenkrais classes, and virtual hospital appointments.  We’ve read far more than usual and I have started sorting out my 17,000+ digital photographs!

Thankfully, my health has continued to be stable and so my virtual appointments have been straightforward.  I’m so grateful and hope this continues. Exercise remains important, but I’ve given up on the Beast (the cross-trainer) as my lungs were not coping, even at the lowest intensity. In its place, I’ve found some dance videos that are fun and keep me interested, but as I’m not a natural dancer I’m very glad I’m doing them behind closed doors! At the beginning of May I took part in the Lockdown 2.6 Challenge for LAM Action.  This involved doing a lot of exercise over the course of a week, leaving me far fitter and LAM Action nearly £2000 better off.  Many thanks to all who supported me; it is much appreciated.

Currently, my main challenge is getting some exposure to fresh air.  We’ve sat out on the front step whenever the weather has allowed it (bearing in mind we live in Scotland!). However, it’s been a great way to meet neighbours and get to know others better. And luckily the tulips I planted in our front door pots have been magnificent this spring, together with pansies that lasted through the winter (see photos). Yesterday I spent a happy couple of hours planting a wonderful selection of flowers delivered by the New Hopetoun Garden Centre. Hopefully they will give us lots of pleasure as the summer rolls on.

It’s impossible to predict what’s happening next but I suspect that my quarantine is going to be extended past the original 18 June deadline.  I’m intending to move up to stay with my dad for a few weeks as he’s also been rigorous in his isolation.  The change of scene and company should be good for us all!  In the meantime, I’m very aware that our isolation would not have been so comfortable and safe were it not for friends who have helped in so many ways - many, many thanks to you all. Xxx

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  • Jake and Brenda Anderson : For a start Gill, the camera doesn't lie as you and Peter ( his hair seems quite professional ) look so well - and the pansies and the tulips. Here in Dundee we try to put in the day by Brenda being the gaffer and I'm the go-for. It seems to work, at least most of the time...…On a Sunday morning we have a Zoom meeting ( Melbourne, Perth (Oz), London , Newcastle, Edinburgh and Glasgow). Your Dad will be delighted to have your company - remember to tell him his soup is SO good. Love, Jake and Brenda