Honor gil

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“CB helped us tremendously.”

— Andrew Crain

“In honor of Gil Crain.”

— Karen I. Rogers

“In honor of Gil Crain - will miss that smile!”

— Ms. Bonnie Van Dyke

“In honor of our Gil, a loyal friend. We miss you.”

— Paul & Mitzi Griffin

“In honor of Gil Crain, a kind, generous, good man.”

— Dr. Penny Wardlow

“In honor and memory of Gil Crain”

— Mr. D. Scott Showalter

“Godspeed to my friend, Gil Crain.”

— Mark Huber

“In honor of Gil Crain”

— Dr. Sue Kattelus

“In honor of Gil Crain, friend and compatriot.”

— Robert M. Reardon, Jr.

“In honor of Dr. Gilbert Crain. A friend to all.”

— Mr. David R. Bean