Journal entry by Theresa Jensen

Hello All,
So, here is a quick update on what's going on with George's recovery from the injuries sustained in the accident.  George's last surgery seemed to go well.  I say  'seemed" because we won't know the outcome for several (6-9) months.  Nerves regenerate really slowly, so it will take that long to find out what function George will regain in his bicep.  Today he had preoperative testing for the next surgery, which will take place on April 25.  The next procedure will attempt to connect functioning nerves from the tricep and scapula to the shoulder.  George currently has subluxation (a partial dislocation) of the left shoulder due to the brachial plexus injury.  The hope is that these procedures will allow George's shoulder to move back into place eventually, and will also allow him to be able to lift his arm to the side.  Again, there is no guarantee of success, but we are grateful his surgeon at Penn has the expertise and creativity to perform this kind of operation.  Results will not be clear for six months or more for this surgery, too.  

As for his other injuries, his badly broken left leg has healed nicely.  He is walking much better now, although he is unsteady because of the lingering after effects of his brain and spinal cord injuries.  As time goes on, we are hoping that the weakness, pins and needles feeling, and shaky balance will diminish.  But it's a victory that he is walking with a cane now.  Since the weather is getting better, George has been able to go outside more, which has been good for his morale.

On another note, today is our 25th wedding anniversary!  Doing preoperative testing at Penn was  not originally our plan for celebration (we were thinking Vegas), but we did manage to have a nice lunch outside on this beautiful day and spend some time together.  And, most important, George is still here and able to celebrate with me.

If you have a moment, please pray for the success of this upcoming surgery.  We really want George to get the use of his arm back.  As always, thank you for your prayers and well wishes.
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