Journal entry by Theresa Jensen

Hello Friends, 
It's been a while.  George has been working hard to regain function.  Some things are going very well.  George's left leg is regaining strength and flexibility, which is great.  He is working to strengthen his right arm ad leg, which have been weakened by the brain injury he suffered in the accident. He can walk with a walker, or, when he's feeling bold, with a cane.  He is still shaky, but he is walking!

 His left arm has not progressed as much.  As a result of the injury to George's left arm, he will have several more surgeries to try to regain function.  We have been lucky to have been referred to Dr. Zagar at Penn Medicine.  We're hoping that, with his help, George will regain some function in his left arm.
To that end, George will undergo surgery at Penn on March 7. The doctor will do a nerve graft to try to help George use his left arm.  Any and all prayers and good wishes are requested.  It's hard to function with only one arm, and we are hoping that this and the subsequent surgeries will help George's left arm work again.
As always, our family thanks you all for the love, prayers and support.  We are so grateful.  
Please send good thoughts and prayers as we embark on this next phase of George's recovery.
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