Journal entry by Theresa Jensen

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!  George has been home for a couple of weeks now and we are beginning to adjust to the new normal. He is doing pretty well getting around despite being unable to walk.  He's enjoying time at home, but he is anxious to continue to heal and make progress. 
This Friday, December 14, George will have the surgery we originally thought would take place in late November.  This surgery will address the heterotopic ossification (bone growth ) in his knee. He will be having surgery to remove the bone that is causing his knee to have only 10 - 20 degrees of movement and  making him unable to extend his leg to walk. We think he will also be receiving radiation in the knee to prevent regrowth of the bone. 
We are still unclear about how quickly he could regain movement.  I guess we'll know more when he gets out of surgery.  He is receiving some home physical therapy that will continue after the surgery.
Of equal concern is George's left arm.  While he has some limited movement in some muscles, overall, he is unable to use his arm. Doctors have indicated that the lack of movement is connected to nerve damage.  He has to undergo some more testing to determine exactly how.  Once that happens, hopefully something can be done to hasten the process of getting his arm working again.  However, we really do not know what, if anything, that may be. 
Please keep praying that all goes well in the surgery on Friday, and that operation will help him to walk soon.  Also, please pray that we can get some answers about George's left arm, and that we can find the right treatment or course of action.

Thank you to all who have called and visited.  It has been great for George to see you.

I hope you are all enjoying the Christmas season, and that you are having better luck Christmas shopping than I am!
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