Journal entry by Theresa Jensen

Good evening everyone! 

Up until very recently we had been expecting George to be discharged directly from Bryn Mawr rehab to Christiana Hospital for an additional surgery on his leg to remove the bone ossification. The surgery, however, could not be scheduled until all preoperative testing was processed and approved. We were previously told that his surgery would be occurring this week, but that will no longer be the case. We expect the surgery to be scheduled for some time next week, but still do not have a definitive date. Due to insurance stipulations, George's time at Bryn Mawr will be ending this week and he will be arriving home on Thursday to wait until he is entered back into Christiana for his surgery and then his continued recovery afterwards. But, in the meantime, we get to have Thanksgiving together!

While it is exciting that George will be returning home, we must keep in mind that the journey is not over, and he will soon need to return to the hospital to continue his treatment. Wish us luck as we work on getting our home ready for his return and as George prepares for surgery. Thank you all again for your continued support! Keep the prayers coming!
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