Journal entry by Theresa Jensen

George is now back at Christiana Hospital.  He is being treated by the orthopedists who did the original surgery on his left leg.  As of right now, the plan is for George to have an additional surgery to remove the hardware from his leg and replace it with new rods and screws that leach antibiotics.  Apparently, it's very difficult to control infection around the regular rods used in surgical procedures, so replacing them with the antibiotic rods will hopefully allow them to eliminate the infection.  He will still also be on IV antibiotics for a while.  
We don't have a definitive time for the surgery yet, but it should be today or tomorrow (more likely it will be tomorrow - Saturday).  The orthopedist describes what is going on as a "speed bump" in his recovery.  We hope that before too long, George will be able to head back to Bryn Mawr to continue his rehabilitation.  
Please pray for a successful surgery and recovery.
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