Journal entry by Theresa Jensen

Today was not the best day.  It started at 2 AM when the doctor from Bryn Mawr called me to let me know that George had a fever and that they were going  to transfer him to Paoli Hospital to treat him for an infection.  He was admitted early in the morning and they did cultures to identify the source of the infection, then treated him with IV antibiotics.  Fortunately, his fever has come down and he is resting comfortably.  We continue to wait for the test results (apparently they take a while).  
So, I'm continuing my (reluctant) tour of Delaware Valley medical facilities, and, so far, Paoli gets good marks.  His room is spacious and clean, there's a recliner(!) and a bed for guests (!!!), and the nurses are taking very good care of George.  They are wonderful - professional and very kind.
I have to take off a couple of points for my vending machine experience, though.  I tried to get a Diet Sprite
(caffeine free), but instead received two Mountain Dews (mega caffeine), and my dinner pretzels were a tad stale.  Aside from this little snafu, all has been well, though I will be grateful to put an end to the hospital circuit.  
So, if you could all add prayers that George is able to quickly kick this infection I would be grateful.  I can not say enough about how wonderful everyone has been during this tough time and how much we appreciate the prayers and good wishes.
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