Journal entry by Theresa Jensen

A lot of things have changed since the last entry.  George continues to receive step down care in the regular hospital, not the ICU.  Life in a hospital is hard, and, like every patient, George has been struggling to remain positive in an environment that makes it hard to sleep.His doctors are trying hard to find ways to make him comfortable so he can rest. On a positive note, he has been cleared to start eating a soft diet, and he has done so well that they were able to remove his feeding tube today!  Granted, he isn't exactly munching on Nachos and tossing back a couple of cold ones, but it is progress and another step toward rehab, which is the next goal.  Hopefully, within the next few days, George will be able to enter a rehabilitation hospital (Bryn Mawr) to continue his recovery.  He has a long way to go to regain his mobility, but he has come so far from where he was on the 15th when the outcome of the accident was so precarious.  George is able to talk pretty well now, and he asked that I thank everyone for all of the prayers and for the way people have jumped at the chance to help our family.  He is very grateful.  
I ask that you continue to pray and send George positive thoughts as he begins this journey to regain what he lost in the accident.   This is going to be a difficult fight for George, and the more support he has the better.  
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