Journal entry by Theresa Jensen

Today marks one week since George's accident.  Well, at 9:15 tonight it will be one week.  In the past week George has undergone three surgeries.  He had exploratory surgery to rule out internal bleeding (there was none), surgery to repair his badly broken left leg, and surgery to repair his broken left arm. He has A LOT of metal in his body now.  Airport security is going to be a challenge.  Today, he was removed from the ventilator.  He is breathing well, but the next 24-36 hours will be crucial in determining whether he can remain off of the vent.  George is still not speaking much, but it wasn't expected that he would speak as soon as the vent was removed; he probably has a very sore throat. 
While George continues to make progress, I am constantly reminded that this process will take a lot of time and will include setbacks as well as triumphs.  He is not just going to snap out of it and return home as much as I wish that were so.   I appreciate all of the prayers and wishes for recovery and healing.  Please keep them coming.  
We will celebrate a couple of  special milestones coming up as Tara moves into her dorm at the University of Delaware on Saturday and Connor starts high school on Monday!  Please include prayers for a smooth transition to college for Tara and to high school for Connor in your prayers for our family.  
Thank you all for your continued support.
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