Kamela Smith|Aug 21, 2018
Terri not being a frequent visitor to facebook I was extremely surprised to see this. Our prayers are with the family. We want to know how we can help. Give me a call we can make sure you have a meal or even transportation if need be, here to help. We believe that he will be fully healed with no residual effects.
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Valerie Dryer|Aug 21, 2018 (edited)
That is unbelievably good news! I know George has a long road ahead of him, but that is some great progress. What a strong man! Wishing George a full and speedy recovery !
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Mary Ann McKay Hines|Aug 21, 2018
You are all in our thoughts and prayers! Sending you love, hugs and best wishes ! I'll have the teachers at school and my Third Grade class pray for George's recovery daily!!! We've seen some amazing answers to prayer! May God give you His peace and strength! He is with you! Love, Mary Ann & Family
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Carolyn Repolle|Aug 21, 2018
Hey Terri! We are so glad to hear of George's progress! It was good to see you and your family the other day. Praise God that you have a lot of support from family and friends. As the months go on please remember to reach out to us. We will continue praying for George's healing and for you, Connor and Tara as they go back to school. We love you guys!
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Cindy Petinga|Aug 21, 2018
This is fantastic news! Thinking of you all!
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Debbie Kruzienski|Aug 21, 2018
I am so happy to hear all of this positive news about George's recovery. All of you, but most especially Connor, have been in my thoughts and prayers since I heard about this accident. Sending love and healing prayers your way.
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Aleesa DegliObizzi|Aug 21, 2018
So happy to read good news! Sending lots of love and positive thoughts to you, Tara, and Connor.
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Jesse Wakeman|Aug 20, 2018
I am very thankful that George is making positive steps towards recovery. Know that he is in our thoughts are prayers. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help your family.
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Jen Easterday|Aug 20, 2018
SO glad to hear of all of the good news! We are continuing to pray for all of you!
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Margaret Carter|Aug 20, 2018
You are all in our prayers !! If you need anything at all please don’t hesitate !! So glad such wonderful progress is being made .. keep it going !!
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