Journal entry by Theresa Jensen

George made a lot of progress this weekend!  While he is still on a ventilator, the amount of breathing support he is receiving is decreasing, and George is spending more time breathing on his own with minimal support.  The heaviest pain medication has been stopped, and George is receiving pain medication only as needed. He was able to be put into a chair to sit up for a couple of hours.   The most encouraging news is that George is spending a lot more time awake!  His eyes are open and he is able to follow verbal commands.  He can nod 'yes'or shake his head 'no' in response to questions.  I just have to remember not to ask open ended or multi-part questions.  I'm pretty sure George would roll his eyes at me if he could when I ask those kinds of questions.  George will undergo surgery to repair his broken left arm some time this week, and he will begin some simple PT/OT.  
So, this weekend brought progress in his healing.  There is still a long road ahead,  though.  Thank you all for your prayers and good wishes.  Please keep them coming.
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