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Site created on May 23, 2018

The “My Story” portion of my CaringBridge account cannot properly store and display my writing. I have spent time with their tech staff. The current system cannot handle my file. They did say they might consider modifications to enhance their system to accommodate similar requests in the future.

The “My Story” segment of my CaringBridge account takes the story of my current battle with cancer from the time I first felt symptoms up to when I was ready to begin treatments. From there journal entries are used to help keep everyone up to date on my progress. To fully understand journal entries, the story should be read first to obtain the proper background.

I’ve published the story as a PDF file and placed the file on my account on the Keep&Share web site. You may rest assured the file is safe for downloading.

To access the file:
The link below should be active, just select it
If the link does not self activate then copy the URL shown below into your web browser
When the site opens select Download Now, one of the following should happen
    * The file will be copied to your computer to be opened with any PDF viewer
    * Your browser will automatically open the PDF in view mode
Please note, you should do the download to facilitate better readability of the file. The preview on the web site is limited.


George & Dorothy

Newest Update

Journal entry by Dorothy Holmes

George was released from the hospital this past Monday to a rehab facility that is less than a mile from our home!  He will be receiving rehab for his leg and working on getting his strength back. He is doing good in therapy and each day they push him a little more.  Unfortunately he is still having discomfort in his abdomen and so because of that, he is still not eating.  He wants to eat...we try protein  shakes, Wendy’s Frosty & yogurt.  Eats a little then he just can’t eat anymore!! The clinical trial team has scheduled CT scan for Gee for this Wednesday to see if we can find answers to why he is having so much pain in his abdomen and chest.  I am still working at this time. He is in good hands.  I have been happy with his care here and his nurses & aids really like him! Today Rambo came to visit! It was just what he needed!  Please continue to pray for a speedy recovery so he can come home! Love to all! ❤️🙏❤️


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