Journal entry by Andrea Linneman

Hi all! As you may know, Gayle has been home from the hospital for a week now! Although she was a favorite of everyone during her stay and very well taken care of, she is thankful to be home and in her own bed. She will continue with chemo every two weeks on Mondays. As she learned after this last round, the day after chemo tends to be a breeze, as steroids are given along with the chemo! Gayle was like the energizer bunny for a full 24 hours, and then came to a screeching halt on day 3 and slept all day! She continues to smile constantly and looks amazing! Although  completely independent and very insistent that she doesn't need to be "babysat", we are hopeful that we can all take turns visiting on a daily basis, just to make sure that the little things are being taken care of; medication taken, oxygen tanks delivered, PT goes smoothly, Gayle does breathing and other exercises and gets out of the house for a few field trips! We have added daily visits to this website so that we all have time with her, but don't overwhelm her ( or Pete, who tends to get anxious if there are too many women in one room) by all showing up at once. Although we have indicated specific times, these are just guidelines and anyone that signs up for a morning or afternoon visit can connect with Gayle to discuss specifics.  I have also added additional dinner deliveries to the calendar. Gayle has the best attitude in the world, and we are confident that together we can get her though this! :) 
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