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Journal entry by Jenni Wylie

I wish I could report all good news. Dad continues to sleep all of the time, it’s hard for him to wake up and talk with me or FaceTime with Mom & Gwen.  They think his drowsiness is being caused by the anti-seizure medication, they are going to adjust the dose down starting tonight.  I hope that helps him to not be so out of it.  They also haven’t started the oral blood thinner yet so we feel like we’ve lost ground today, and are father behind than we had hoped.  

Big concern right now, dad is having terrible pain in his left foot/ankle and that’s his best and strongest side, also more weakness in his right side  The pain started Saturday night and has gotten so bad that now to move it in the bed or try and stand to do OT/PT is unbearable. They have taken an x-ray to see if he has a possible stress fracture (but how and when did that happen since he has been basically bed bound since Saturday?)  Right now they are doing an ultrasound on both legs to check for blood clot. The text said dad has excellent veins no clots! He’s been on a heparin drip since Saturday morning so I didn’t think it was a clot but good to definitely rule out. 

Please pray the pain and swelling go down supernaturally tonight or they figure out what’s wrong and can make it better so  we can work with PT/OT to get stronger and come home!  We really don’t want to have to go to an acute care rehab facility again in order to get stronger to be able to come home. But we will trust God, He is way ahead of us already and knows our needs. 

So enough with the bad news; Good news: the chest X-ray was clear, the (4th) CT scan showed he is stable, no new bleeds and there are no blood clots in his legs! God is good! All of the time! 

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