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Journal entry by Gary Rooney

Hello Everyone!
It has been a while but Gary is still hard at his fight against cancer!  Being a little over two months out from surgery Gary has come a long way but still continues to struggle some days, But he always does it with a smile!  Gary can eat food sometimes, however most of his food comes from a feeding tube that supplies him his nourishment.  Gary can drink sprite once in a while but takes most of his liquids through his feeding tube.  Gary can swallow some of his medicine but most are crushed and put through his feeding tube!  Doctors are still hopeful that he will someday be able to eat without a feeding tube but right now he is making the best of it.  We have been able to turn up his feeding tube enough that he only has to be hooked up to feeding tube at night, and he can wear a shortened feeding tube with a cap on a shorter tubing during the day.(this keeps him from getting his tube hooked on things during the day while farming.)
Gary is taking Chemo on Monday's every two weeks.  This also makes his eating and drinking not so good.  Gary will take 6 treatments, if his hemoglobin and leukocytes stay high enough and his kidney and liver functions stay good he will get all of them, if anything gets too low they will stop the treatments.  It is very interesting but most Chemo's don't affect the cancer cells until the 4th to 8th day and are usually not at their max until 8 to 14 days after Chemo and it takes the body 20 to 28 days to recover from Chemo so if the tests come back too low there is not enough time for his body to replenish it's self before the next treatment. His levels are dropping but still remain good enough for treatments!  Gary has two treatments down and four to go with with the third treatment coming next Monday.  Gary's Chemo is called Lo Flo and consists of three Chemo's given on Monday and then they hook him up to a Chemo Pump, which he wears home for 46 hours.  When the pump is empty I shut it off, flush the port with Saline and Heperin and remove the needle from his port.  The pump gets sent back to Rochester and life goes on until the next treatment.  Gary is scheduled to get a pet scan at the end of four treatments.
Monday was the first day of farm preparations for planting, Gary and I seem to work together well which is good since I am still learning what a grease cert is!!!!  But I have become better at listening over a tractor running when he is yelling pull the pin. 
Please continue to pray for all of the people who are fighting cancer every day!
Thank You
Gary and Angie 
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