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Journal entry by Katie Hejl

We've come a full-trip around the sun so I thought I'd just give a little update on Gary's well-being and wrap this journal up. Scars are abundant, but they've healed nicely, along with the fractures. All surgeons have signed off and said "Don't come back!" (lovingly, of course.) The pandemic put the kibosh on PT mid-March, but Gary could probably benefit from more sessions with his terrific therapist, if that were an option. He still uses a cane most of the time, but can manage without it for short distances. His limp and discomfort indicate that all is NOT quite well yet.

It was nearly impossible to imagine a year ago, but by now Gary has regained his independence and capability in nearly every way, making adjustments as needed. Last month, for example, he discovered that the lawn mower makes a pretty good mobility aid. YAY!! Go for it, Gary! But NO, you're not getting up on the ladder to clean the gutters! We hired that done--an excellent solution.

Another thing that is unimaginable is how Gary would have come through the horrific ordeal if I had not been able to be the full-time note taker, question asker, bed/pillow adjuster, comfort giver, cheer leader, reassurer, etc. I thought about that often during April and May when hospitalized folks could not have their loved ones/advocates with them. As I expressed many times in previous posts, Gary received wonderful nursing care, but family and friends are essential medicine.

With that, I'll end with a huge and heartfelt thanks to all of you for helping us survive, heal and thrive. Please call sometime (we're still in the book!) so Gary can talk your ear off!! 😉 
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