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Gary’s Life

As of 8:00 pm on Sunday, Dec. 2, Dear Gary has been put on Hospice.  His advanced Alzheimer’s has taken him on this very difficult journey.  He is eating and drinking and can sit up in a wheelchair when he is not in bed and sleeping.  Sleeping pretty much occupies his day.
He has been a resident at Sierra Ridge Memory Care in Auburn since July 20th.  He is well cared for and with Hospice in, this is the best for his daily needs and comfort.
Prayers and good thoughts to him and the family.
Will continue to update.  Colleen

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  • Camille Ryan : Coll,I just discovered this site. What a wonderful way for you to keep all who love Gary informed of his condition. I am so sorry you have to go through this once again Coll first with Mom and now with your beloved Gary. I wish for both you and Gary a real sense of peacefulness. If Kevin and I can do anything please don't hesitate to call. We love you both!
  • Patti Lovely : Gary you are in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. Colleen we are always here for you , and love you both very much.
  • Pat Lucas : Thinking of you, Gary and the times we've had with you and Colleen. You were such a great support for her when she went through her cancer treatment. Thank you!
  • Colleen Andersen : Hello All, Gary is staying the same. At Sierra Ridge he has a caregiver with him most of the day, feeding him and staying with him when he is in the wheelchair. Sleeping occupies most of his either in bed or sitting up in the activity room. On the 19th is the Christmas Party Luncheon and our dear friends, Ken and Ruth are attending. I was able to take a day breather and took the train to Berkeley with dear friends for the day. Fourth Street was a hub of Christmas activity and a great lunch at Bette’s Diner. Long day, but a good good time.
  • Wendy ColesLittlepage : Hi Colleen, I am late joining your site for Gary but this is so helpful. Really loved the pic you posted on FB from Thanksgiving - you and Gary are on such a difficult journey but you still do find the happy moments.
  • Theo Golden : We have so many fun memories of our times with you and Gary. And as we travel on more adventures we will hold those times dear, and hope that you, Miss Colleen will continue to join us. Thinking of you and Gary and praying for a gentle transition for him.
  • Sherilyn Young : ❤️ Dad and I have so many fond memories. Thanks Colleen for being his Wife.
  • Lisa Von wald : I think of you two every day and wish for your comfort and peace. Love you.
  • Pat Lucas : Keeping you both in my prayers. Sending strength and perseverance.
  • Pamela Andersen : Know that you and Gary are in my prayers. Please let me know if I can help out in any way.
  • Jan Miller : Thank you for the update as I think of you both. Sending prayers and caring thoughts.
  • Ruth Casler : All of our best wishes to sweet Gary and his loving wife Colleen. But what can you do? bear the sadness and hope for the best. We hope this difficult time passes peacefully for both of you. Colleen, you know to call whenever you are in need of help, dog sitting, a meal, a ride, company or a shoulder. We love you both, you are our Auburn family.