Well Wish

By Lisa Nelson — Sep 9, 2019

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you that you never change, even when everything around Gail is changing and unpredictable. Thank you that you are stable, even when Gail, her family and friends feel uncertain, sad or fearful.  Please sustain Gail, protect Gail, and enable her and her family to take the necessary steps to aid her full recovery.

Please help Gail with her struggles physically, emotionally and spiritually. Help her to understand how her body is made, and to use any warning signals to tell others how she needs help or support. Please Lord, bring that to light and show Gail and those around her the best way to move forward and follow the path of her recovery.

Thank you for understanding what Gail and her family are going through, and thank you that Your Word tells all of us that even Your Son went through hard times emotionally. There were times that He was distressed, grieved, faced loneliness, experienced deep sorrow, and after the death of John He went into isolation (Matthew 14:13). He cried in prayer (Hebrews 5:7-9), and at times he was overwhelmingly sad (Isaiah 53:3). There was even a time that he was afraid his body would not survive the anguish he felt. (Matthew 26:38)

I pray that You will send those that can help Gail bear her burden. Thank you for the body of Christ that you have provided to help bear burdens when we grow too weary to bear them alone.  Thank you for all those very special people that have come to Gail’s aid.  Thank you for all of those that are willing to support her until she is strong enough to do things on her own. (Ecclesiastes 4:9)

Thank you for the grace that you have provided. (Hebrews 4:16)  I pray You will use this difficult time to cause all of us to go deeper into our relationships with You, and that You would get the glory for anything that is produced in Gail and all of those around her. (James 1)

Thank you that we are not defined by our weakness.  We rejoice that we are Your children, children that are defined by what You accomplished on the cross. Because of Christ’s death on the cross, we can wake up every morning and live life knowing that no matter what we do, think, say, or feel–the cross covers it. Because You offered up Your own beloved Son, we can have peace with You and can face each day with fresh hope and grace. 

Help Gail, her family and her friends to focus on what is true, and not focus on how they feel.  Help Gail to embrace her weakness as a gift. Remind her that her weakness allows You to work through her even when she is so very tired or frustrated.

Heavenly Father, please strengthen Gail’s heart and our hearts, and remind us to encourage one another when the troubles of life start to overwhelm us. Please guard our hearts from sadness and depression. Give us the strength to rise up each day and fight against the struggles which seek to weigh us down.