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Site created on April 12, 2018

We have referred to Gabby as Super Gabby for a long time.  When she was little she was so much fun we referred to her as the 'port-a-party'.  Today she is a normal 15-year old who loves her friends, her camp counselors, and Snapchat and Instagram,  and works hard in school.  We started noticing she was getting a bit of belly a few months ago.  We didn't care too much, she's a great kid and that's what is important. We attributed it to her love of carbs, burritos, and chicken wings, but there was a lot more going on than we initially recognized.  The last few weeks her belly became more distended and she was losing her appetite regularly (not like her) and having a hard time keeping food down at times.  On Monday we took her to the doctor, who promptly sent us to the emergency room.  It's been a whirlwind since, but 3 days later we have a formal diagnosis of colon cancer.  Her belly was bloated because a mass was clogging things up.  We are a family that sticks together, has faith in the God of the Bible, and chooses optimism.  We've been through life threatening / changing stuff before and can testify to God's faithfulness and the futility of dwelling on worst case scenarios.  We really do trust God and take it day by day.  Sometimes hour by hour.  We are starting this site because we feel an obligation to keep those who love us updated, and doing that person by person (or even group by group) has proven challenging when our focus is on Gabby and the road ahead of us.  This site should help us keep friends and family (who are one and the same to us) updated without us stressing too much about it.  Since we first started this site, Gabby's pathology tests came back.  The prognosis is grim.  She has metastatic signet ring cell carcinoma.  We're going to need a miracle... good thing we believe in them and know the Guy who does them.  :)

Newest Update

Journal entry by Dave Cava

We arrived in Germany feeling like we knew the way forward and were on track.  We thought God was answering our prayers the way we want him to and we were in the middle of a miracle.  We booked a week in Germany because we were told it was likely she’d be getting another radiation treatment.  Instead we leave with a report that likely means growing tumors, without a treatment, and with Gabby experiencing near constant nausea, vomiting, not eating, and draining fluids from her stomach tube for the first time in several months.  Things couldn’t be going much worse, health-wise, and it’s happened very quickly.  The reputation of Signet Ring Cell is vicious when it returns, and we can’t help but fear a quick decline.

Dr. J did recommend a next step – T-Cell therapy at M.D. Anderson Hospital in Houston.  He thought we could do it in a month.  We don’t think we can wait a month.  If we could pull it off, we’d go straight there.

Gabby is still in good spirits for the most part.  She’s not afraid of the future and not afraid to die.  Pain does affect her and right now she’s not feeling great.  She hasn’t left the room much the past two days, and I don’t think she’s left the hotel since we were at the hospital on Friday.  We were able to move our flight up two days (to tomorrow), but she’s nervous about the long flight home because she doesn’t feel well and airplane bathrooms are… airplane bathrooms.

All that to say, if you’ve been praying for us, please pray as you’ve never prayed before.  There have been a few different times on this journey we actually witnessed a noticeable shift in circumstances when the prayer intensified.  We saw it, and we felt it.  We are hoping to see that yet again.  We have not given up hope at all.  We have said all along we have a double hope: the hope of healing on this earth, and the hope of heaven if we don’t get our healing on this earth.  We still have both hopes.  We’ve also said we’re playing with house money – Gabby has already cheated death twice in the last six months.  We are not done fighting, but if the time comes when we need to let go, we will release her to Jesus, knowing we’ll see her again someday.  So please pray.   Pray that it’s not her time and T-cell treatment will happen quickly and be effective, but that if it is her time she will not suffer and God will be present as never before as the “Gabby party” changes venues.


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