Louis Gerteis|May 8, 2020
I'll be there for the Zoom memorial -- no need for speaking time but I lookforeward to the event.


zoom memorial
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David Martin|May 6, 2020
Sort of miss Fred every day. Bet you wonder why. I'd see him every morning when he passed by my front window and he'd stop to see if I was going to play Tuesday night at the open mike. He lent me his car last year while I was looking for another so I just cleaned his up in every way I could. H e used to call me buddy and smile . From the early days when we did Supper Under The Stars up until last year I'd just go to one of his gatherings to hear him play spoons and get some chili or a hot dog and then sort of take pictures and listen. We were casual friends , no big deal. That's why I miss him.
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Gay Pasley|May 4, 2020
We looking forward to coming by Zoom Computer Sunday at 3 PM. We look forward to other's talking, but will not participate.

Peace, Gay and Bob
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