Thoughts & Well Wishes

Carol Hancock | May 9, 2020
Carol - I'm so very sorry about Fred's passing, but I was even more sorry that he had to suffer through those last several months.  I'm sure it was so hard on you.  I read the Caring Bridge often and was encouraged when he was getting better.

He was always so much fun with his spoon playing and joining Ormly for bazooka/spoon concerts.  Nobody enjoyed any more than Fred himself!  I want to remember him that way always.  His generosity in  sponsoring the beer for the ICS Friday night party made the event more possible for me.  Brings Mike Heaney to my mind.  I'm sure he is devastated at Fred's passing.

You have no idea how many times I've told my friends about you and your work at the National Gallery of Art.  I was very privileged to go to work with you and have lunch!!  Thank you for that.

I don't know whether you see the Facebook posts from ICS members, but every one of them remembers Fred in their own special way.  I hope you're doing well.  Thank you for holding a virtual service for Fred tomorrow.


Carol Hancock
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Ann & Rick dorman | Dec 13, 2019
Fred & Carol,

Like the Nationals World Champs ball cap!!!! Ann & I are sending our most positive vibes and thinking of you every time we see your truck.  I did chat with you son at the Scottish Christmas walk, he represented very nicely, however, shifting the old gears is not his greatest skill ... music is more like it. . . I put in a word for you with the Chili Spirits, they told me that they have been overwhelmed with good wishes for you Fred!  TAKE CARE ...
Beverley Blondell | Nov 11, 2019
Thought I posted this a few days ago but apparently did not.  Jim and I had our annual Wakefield Class of 1960 Reunion Committee picnic a few weeks ago. Everyone was very sorry about your surgery and hospitalization and is keeping you in our "thoughts and prayers" which is soooo hackneyed I can barely type it, but it is true. We feel strongly that you will be AOK soon and that you will be at the Class of 60's 60th Reunion next year. So here is a partial list of those who are wishing you a complete and swift recovery:  Jim Bregman, Steve Burton, Norman Griest, Jeanne Croson Midgette, Judy Jackson Titus, Warren Kasoff, Dick Wheeler, Dianna Huffman Evans and us (I was Beverley Powell and friends with Linda Strain in high school  She also sends best wishes.  So does Pat Sandbank Bohanan).  Get out your yearbook!  We'll keep in touch through this wonderful site.  Don't know Carol but she seems fantastic!