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“Dearest Fred, We were all shocked and saddened to hear of Michel's passing. You are in our thoughts and we hope you are recovering well. The Board of Trustees and Staff at The Nature Conservancy in Montana.”

— Jennie Corley

“Dear Fred, I am deeply sorry to hear about the loss of Michel. Linda and I are thinking about you and your family and hoping that you steadily recover from the injuries to mind and body.”

— Bob and Linda Vrijenhoek

“Fred, your colleagues at the Marine Lab have you in our thoughts and wish you a steady and strong recovery.”

— Cindy Van Dover

— The Vaps

“Fred: I was shocked to hear of Michel's tragic passing. Please know that there is a big community of friends who care greatly about you and your happiness. Please recover and continue to bless the world with your presence. -- Rich Harris, Olympia, WA”

— Rich Harris

“Be well.”

— Anonymous