Lori Klinka|Jan 21, 2020
It was a beautiful ceremony that your family gave to honor his life. He would have loved it!
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Margaret Towle|Jan 20, 2020
Dear Burns Family,

You did an exceptional job in providing a forum for us to celebrate Frank’s life and offer our condolences. Every aspect of the the service at Christ the King and reception following was inspirational and moving to all. 🙏 .

The Jim Towle Family Cousins
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Will Waller|Jan 20, 2020
The Burns Family put on display the true meaning of love and support throughout this trying ordeal. I’m so grateful for the way they kept everyone apprised along the way and even more grateful for the way the NWBA was included every step of the way.

Coach Frank was family to so many. It was beautiful to see his history on display. He left such a lasting impact on so many people. I’m glad I’m one of those people.

Much love, Burns Family!!!! I’ll be in touch.
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Dee McNamara|Jan 19, 2020
Yesterday’s funeral was a wonderful tribute to an outstanding man. May the Burns family find comfort in the love of family ,friends and God.
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