Thoughts & Well Wishes

Tim Stout | Jan 10, 2020
I first met Frank when he was coaching UWW. Our paths crossed many times over the next 4 decades. He was always unique and surprised me with greetings like "my brother" or referring to me as the NWBA's Grizzly Adams. I miss early morning trips for coffee with Frank at the BGIT. RIP
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Mo Gardner | Jan 9, 2020
There will be a memorial "Tribute" to Frank T. Burns in Birmingham On Saturday, Jan 18 @ 11:30 during Lakeshore's Pioneer Classic Wheelchair Basketball Tournament. The Pioneer Classic Tournament was started by Frank 33 years ago when he was the Athletic Director & Coach at Lakeshore. Today, it is one of the largest and best wheelchair basketball tournaments in the country. The details are still being worked out but it is basically to remember, honor and acknowledge Frank's contributions to building the Lakeshore Foundation. Everyone is Welcome. 
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Loretta Wendt Jolivette | Jan 8, 2020
Frank, you have been in my prayers daily. You are such a loving soul. I hope you are feeling the love & prayers now.

I found this saying awhile ago: "If it is necessary-it is possible! First, do what is necessary. Then, do what is possible.
Suddenly, YOU will be doing the impossible!!! From this sorrow some strength will come."
Take good care. Love to you & your family. XO Loretta 
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Katie Rose Freeburg | Jan 4, 2020
Coach Frank is the best gym coach I’ve ever had. He is the only one who’s actually listened to me. He is amazing. He’s inspiring, kind, and you can tell he cares so much about us at the O-school. Through his jokes and sarcasm, he makes my day so much better and easier when I actually go to gym class. Coach, if you’re reading this, I’m going to start trying harder then ever to go to gym. I promise. You’re incredible. Thank you for lighting up the halls at school. Everyone misses you so much! Get a lot better! I miss you! And yes, I did go to Harvard.😆
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Will Waller | Dec 31, 2019
This is a picture of Tibby with one of the NWBA interns, Fitbit as Frank coined him. Frank had a way of bonding instantly with people and he always worked hard with the interns to make sure that the Hall of Fame induction ceremony was a memorable experience. 

Dave Kiley also noted that Frank wears the NWBA logo as a badge of pride. He sure did, and he is the best of what the NWBA is all about. He’s absolutely given more to the organization than he has gotten from it. Thanks, Frank, for leaving a lasting impression on so many during your journey of giving to the organization. 
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Diana Camarillo | Dec 31, 2019

Thank you for providing updates and letting us be a part of Coach Frank’s back to health journey! Would love to be able to provide support for you all as well if you all need anything, so please let us know. Also was wondering if visits are allowed now that he is out of the ICU? 

Sending Coach Frank and you all prayers well wishes.

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