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Site created on November 1, 2018

On September 29, 2018, Fr. Daniel was taken to the ER by a good friend.  He was going for a run and just couldn't do it.  He had been having some issues for a couple of weeks.  His blood work showed that he was anemic, and there was something wrong with his kidneys.  During his hospital stay, they did both a kidney and bone marrow biopsy.  His wonderful team of doctors suspected one of two types of bone marrow cancer from the beginning, and they were correct.  I am posting Fr. Daniel's letter from October 16th when he explains the diagnosis.  Fr. Daniel has been accepting of his suffering from the beginning--seeing it as an opportunity ordained by God to help provide a "kidney" for the Church.  He is offering this up for the current crisis in the Church, and for her purification.  He posts regularly on Facebook & Instagram.  He wants us to accompany him on his journey and is so appreciative of all the thoughts, prayers, sacrifices, texts, and phone calls.

The goal of this site is to provide one location  for friends, family, acquaintances, and even brothers and sisters in Christ he has never met-- to stay updated with what is going on with Fr. Daniel Brandenburg LC, and for us to be able to accompany him on his journey through this cross of cancer.

Newest Update

Journal entry by Daniel Brandenburg

After being dismissed from the hospital on Wednesday, March 27, the doctors did not want me to go home, but rather to stay at the Hope Lodge near the hospital in case there were any complications after the bone marrow transplant. I spent a week in that wonderful facility and enjoyed meeting many other cancer survivors. On Friday, April 5 I was able to finally return home after a month away. 

My road to recovery continues. My immune system was completely wiped out and will take months to rebuild, and in the meantime I am very susceptible to any illness. I have to take extra precautions to avoid crowds, travel and anything else that might expose me to contagion. I am also trying to rebuild muscle strength, and I find that I am quite a weakling! I could barely do 5 lbs on leg curls yesterday, and today riding a bike for the first time in months I struggled to get up small hills. The strength will return with time, and I just thank our Lord that I am able to exercise and rebuild strength now. I'll have follow up tests with my oncologist/hematologist over the next two months and in June they will evaluate the success/failure of the bone marrow transplant. 

In the meantime, I am so grateful to be back home and for the prayers and support of so many people along the way. May our Lord bless you abundantly!!!

Fr Daniel Brandenburg LC
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