Journal entry by Stewart Poisson

Andrew passed away peacefully early this morning while holding my hand.  We were listening to Willie Nelson while it was still dark outside, and he was covered in his mother’s quilt.  Mr. Chow stood watch outside the room.  I am heartbroken but comforted that he was peaceful and surrounded by love and beauty.  

The kids and I watched a family movie with Andrew last night.  They told him how much they loved him before they went to bed.  We had baths and a good bedtime.  I called the hospice nurse around 5AM when I noticed his breathing was labored.  She came and assured me that he was comfortable and then he passed on about 30 minutes after she left.

I told the kids about Andrew’s passing after soccer.  They are resilient and seem okay, all things considered.  We are going to take some time to be together by ourselves this weekend.

Andrew died on the exact midpoint between my birthday and Cutlar’s birthday.  I feel certain that he chose this date so as to bookend a sad day with two happy days.  He also would never want to stand in the way of a good time.

We will have a celebration of life (and what a life!) for Andrew in the coming weeks.  It will not be next week because I need a minute and want to properly celebrate Cutlar’s birthday on October 13.  It will perhaps be the following week, but I need to figure out the logistics first.

Thank you all for your love and support. 💗


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