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The caustic soda flake caustic soda is an alias, sodium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide in the industry known as the industrial base, caustic soda, caustic, according to existing forms can be divided into liquid, alkali, alkali protopine, solid particle. The protopine, solid alkali, alkali particles are three forms of solid sodium hydroxide.


 The following chart, followed by caustic soda solid alkali alkali lye particle: 1 from 32% to 61% concentration, this stage in film evaporator. The heating source adopts medium pressure steam and two steam, and is evaporated under vacuum. 2.61% by lye falling film concentrator, using molten salts as heat carrier, will be concentrated into molten alkali lye under atmospheric pressure, and then made the solid caustic soda flake caustic soda machine (molten salt method in the legend). The mass fraction of ionic membrane caustic soda by 32% 1 evaporator (vacuum, two times concentrated to 47% by steam) pump and steam condensate and II evaporator heat exchanger, in the second evaporator further concentrated to 61%, and by 61% in the final of pump alkali concentrator, molten salt heating to concentrate from 98% to 99%, and then made the solid caustic soda flake caustic soda machine. Since the 1 MPa saturated steam power plant to enter the first effect evaporator, condensate and alkali heat I effect after entering the recycling pool, as water supplement, two steam generated II effect and the final concentration of the two steam in the first evaporator as a heat source, 32% alkali evaporation. 415 ~ 430 DEG C molten salt by the molten salt pump into the molten salt furnace into the final concentrator after heating, as heat source alkali evaporation to 98% ~ 99%, and finally back to the molten salt tank, recycling. Molten salt furnace system is a system of closed loop heating by burning furnace, heating coil heating and above the molten salt with the ignition of gas through the pump head, the molten salt cycle in circulation in the system, and because of isolation, minimizing the decomposition of molten salt. In the production of primary heating molten salt should pay attention to the following points. (1) the melting point of molten salt is about 143 DEG C, and the molten salt pipeline should be accompanied by steam. It is better to use the electric heating to prevent the molten salt from freezing in the pipeline. (2) in molten salt gradient heating process, to carefully check valve with hot molten salt, molten salt proceed big circulation in the whole system, especially the small circulation valve is not closed, must rotate in a circle, in order to prevent the molten salt valve die. (3) the molten salt mixture, density is not very uniform, but the initial heating and melting, the moisture content in molten salt is higher, so in the molten salt circulation process, should pay attention to the pump current, if the pump current fluctuation, and lasts for a long time, should immediately stop the pump check, identify the reasons for the problem. Under normal circumstances, the pump current will fluctuate, but the wave

With the increase of molten salt temperature, pump current will gradually decrease and tend to be stable. Caustic soda as a basic chemical raw materials, widely used in papermaking, synthetic detergent and soap, viscose, rayon and cotton and textile industry, pesticides, dyes, rubber and chemical industry, oil drilling, oil refining oil and tar refining oil industry and national defense industry, machinery industry, wood processing and metallurgical industry. Medicine industry and city construction. It is also used in the manufacture of chemicals, paper, soap and detergent, rayon and cellophane.


Nicotine product

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How long a cat litter cat secondary for their own characteristics, also depends on the extent of their bear, usually once a week to replace the whole day, see part of the cluster to shovel out, keep this frequency is generally not a problem. Of course, if it is a tyrant, then the full change every day, anyway, tyrant is not bad money, so clean, health, is money. The home conditions in the cat litter box after the excretion of the best end to the sun where the sun can play the role of sterilization.


cat litter factory.jpg


What is the role of cat litter?


The main role is to bury the cat litter cat feces and urine objects. The most important progress is the culture in the cat litter, the litter in litter is mainly early without coagulation, everyone is to receive the main cat, but with the continuous progress of CAT technology, people are not limited to such a simple storage, so they continue to appear in the present setting sand, wood sand, crystal sand, bentonite sand etc..


How long a litter shovel?


1, crystal litter: regular cleaning after use waste to keep clean, if there is more than one cat can be in proportion to shorten the replacement cycle of cat litter, rather than with more cat litter in litter box, a bag of cat litter 3.6L a cat for a month, two cats three cats for 15 days, 10 days about.


2, setting: quick condensation litter litter excrementy cat sucked into a ball, it can be eliminated when the condensation of litter litter, gradually consumed, ready to add new litter in litter, also need not give up the whole basin.


3, wood sawdust litter litter will become powder in the absorption of urine, the whole basin became almost powdery, can be discarded.


Using the method of cat litter


In 1, clean litter covered with a layer thickness of about 1.5 inches of litter in the nest.


2, regular cleaning after the use of garbage generated to ensure clean.


3, if there is more than one cat, the ratio can be shorten the replacement cycle of cat litter, rather than with more cat litter in litter box.


Litter 4, saturated in a timely manner to be cleared from the box with the spoon.


5, the litter box or litter in the clean and free of moisture, so as to prolong their service life.


Wooden Cat litter

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The engine cover seal (HOOD), and can be divided into front, side and rear door seal; (DOOR; SEAL) before and after the wind window seal (WINDOW SCREEN); the side window seal (SIDE WINDOWSEALING); the skylight sealing strip (SUNROOF SEALING); door seal (PRIMARY DOOR SEAL) sealing strip; window guide (GLASSRUN CHANNEL); and a side (water cut) (WAISTLINE); trunk seal (TRUNK SEAL); anti noise seal (ANTI-NOISE); dust (ANTI-DUST) etc..




Classification by section shape


It can be divided into solid core EPDM products (round, square, flat section shape), hollow products and metal rubber composite products. Among them, the metal rubber compound sealing strips account for more than 60%. It is very important for the design of the rubber seal section to design the section. First, the seal lip shape, size design, both sides sealed lip should be the same size and appropriate force from the window glass on both sides of the glass. Lip length, thickness should be appropriate, too thick, too long will make the glass lifting resistance is too large, too thin, too short and will cause the glass is not a good guide and sealing, vibration, noise, leaking phenomenon; second is the shape and size of cross section at the bottom of the design, with a convex window steel groove on the cross section of the in order to guide the assembly, therefore, should be designed to guide section at the bottom of the corresponding structure, can be easily loaded, and can use its own elastic sealing strip attached to the steel guide groove to prevent the extraction; finally the shape and size of the outer edge, in order to improve the appearance of the guide groove surface and the body should be tightly.




Classification according to seal characteristics


It can be divided into weather sealing strip (WEATHERSTRIP) and general sealing strip (SEALING). Among them, the weather seal has a hollow sponge tube, which has better temperature and humidity retention function. The commonly used weather seals have doorframe sealing strips, luggage seal strips, and engine box cover bars, etc. Commonly used seals have front and rear windowing seals and corner window seals, inside and outside side bars and so on.




Classification of compound structure by glue


Can be divided into pure rubber sealing strip by a single adhesive; two composite seal -- composed of dense rubber and foam rubber, often contain metal material in the direction of the axis in the dense rubber composite seal; three - by two kinds of glue (one of which is a kind of compact structure and light) sponge, usually the glue contains a metal skeleton and dense fibers. Four composite seal: Hebei Shida seal group company took the lead in the development and production of composite sealing strip is composed of 4 types of rubber composition in the country, in cotton gum (bubble tube) and the surface coated with a thin layer of protective layer of glue, so as to further improve the service life of the sealing element.


Window rubber seals


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The shop name is not a flash in the same long guerrilla brand shop, usually set in the commercial area developed temporary berth, for retailers to sell its brand in a short period of time. Flash stores more personality than the traditional style of fashion store, with a spirit of entertainment, with waves of surprise stimulates the central nervous consumers, captured a group of emerging consumer changing, new, highly respected European and American fashion.


ShopWithMe will use radio frequency identification (RFID), through radio signals to identify specific targets and to read and write data, between without recognition system and the specific goal of a mechanical or optical technology to establish contact, to create the world's first intelligent retail store. All of the goods in the store and the installation will use this radio frequency identification technology to create a real sense of interactive shopping experience.

As the world's first intelligent stores in the United States ShopWithMe Chicago Illinois Pioneer Building, designed by Giorgio Borruso design company, covers an area of about 278 square meters, is currently the United States footwear brand Toms Shoes and women's clothing brand Raven +Lily flash service. ShopWithMe provides the basic hardware facilities for brands, brands only need to replace the commodity content can create a new shopping experience, the modular architecture also makes the ShopWithMe become a mobile space. Therefore, ShopWithMe can provide services for different brands, to avoid the time and cost of the cost of re siting shop.


The store has a side by 900 7 inch screen composed of pixel wall, forming a small electric retractable shelves. Each electric retractable shelf can be flat on the wall, but also can be extended to provide a space for the placement of goods. All the goods are in advance of embedded RFID tags, when consumers take goods to see, because the reader can not read the labels to filter the data to obtain the data of the goods; when consumers will select goods near the pixel wall, commodity information will be automatically displayed on the screen in the digital ShopWithMe also provides interactive desktop for consumers, consumers in the desktop display according to various classification of goods for preliminary screening, and to understand the specific information of the selected items. At the same time, the display also provides consumers with the location of a specific commodity store and store merchandise inventory information.

When consumers have a fitting demand, product information will be displayed directly in the intelligent interactive mirror, smart dressing mirror also can according to consumer choice of goods and a rich collocation proposal and relevant product information. If consumers want to try on other goods, only in the smart fitting mirror click the relevant button above, the goods can be delivered through a removable cabinet.

The store also has an automatic checkout platform, consumers can choose the right goods on the checkout stand, the checkout desk will be able to automatically settle the total price of the goods, the consumer can be a key to complete the payment, without waiting in line. In addition to shopping outside the store, ShopWithMe also set up a 360 degree immersive experience view studio, consumers can sit inside to watch a short film about the story of the brand brand business brings, enhance consumer awareness of the brand.

In the future, RFID technology will play a more important role in the ShopWithMe, smart flash shop is also more and more favored by consumers.


RFID Products


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The most obvious reason is to kill microorganisms such as pathogens, toxins, spoilage bacteria, and destruction of food enzymes so that the product could be deposited longer without deterioration. But heat sterilization is closely monitored to preserve food quality and nutrition as much as possible.




Canned sterilization has gained rather controversial ideas from medical and health researchers and microbial researchers.


Generally speaking, canned food does not require to achieve sterile levels as long as pathogens and toxins cease to exist. In the present, the determination of canned sterilization is not determined by empirical test, but rather with a scientific method which is well-calculated with accurate theoretical value.




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jiaozhou wigs are famous all over the world

According to reports, China is known as the wig of the world factory, the production of more than 80% of the world's wig products, and Henan, Xuchang and Shandong, the production and export of more than 80% of the country's wig products. Henan Xuchang chemical fiber products and low-end black market as the main trade object, and in Ligezhuang human hair products and high-end European and American countries and African black market as the main trade object.


Ligezhuang as one of the birthplace of China wigs, starting from the 80 year of the Jiaozhou hair products factory, with industry advantages accumulated over the years, close to South Korea and make full use of geographical advantages, vigorously the introduction of advanced production technology and South Korea wig enterprise experience, make Ligezhuang became the industry famous the high-end wigs "world factory".

Domestic brand to create its own wig

The direction of development for the next few years high-end Ligezhuang wig enterprises, Jiaozhou hair products association chairman Zhang Kunjun said, Li Ge Zhuang production wig products 60% products with independent brand exports to foreign markets, the remaining 40% in OEM form in China high-end market sales of wig, although Ligezhuang town people wig technology the industry is very respected, but domestic and foreign consumers rarely understand, causing Ligezhuang wig products "wall flower wall incense" situation. "The next step is to build the brand."

At present, ligezhuangzhen hair products companies actively lead the industry association, have to expand its own brand, and through the Internet tools, relying on electronic business platform, realize the transfer from production to brands, from low-end to high-end upgrade. The town on behalf of the enterprise seaforest hair products industry associations in the lead, to cater to the trend of consumption upgrade and China brand strategy, brand development for the domestic market, in addition to online opened the official flagship store in Tmall, but also with open chain stores under the line, so that China consumers and foreign consumers also have the opportunity to do enjoy high-end custom wig products, health.

Private custom is the future development trend

Because each person's head is different, in order to make wigs more realistic, more comfortable, 'private custom' is certainly the future development trend." Qingdao seaforest hair products Co., Ltd. General Manager Song Runzhi told reporters, in order to better manage the domestic market, the current sea forest had been laid in Qingdao three wig stores, private customized for consumers in Qingdao for wig.




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Qingdao Welhome Group Corp dedicate in producing business and commercial event chairs and tables. As a leading manufacturer we also specialize in producing and supplying banquet chairs and tables for satisfying customersneed. Due to the formal form of business event and meetings, banquet chairs are designed to be classic, concise, and practical. Metal body frame with soft cushion can provide a strong durability for long time usage. And a wide range of textile color options is the fundamental factor to ensure customers satisfaction. Meanwhile, we provide high quality banquet chair covers with outstanding elasticity and stretch ability. Our event banquet chairs are stackable and in a good weight balance, which can save your space when storing and packaging. The fire proof and water resistance technology ensure safety when people using them in crucial condition. Our banquet chairs are designed to perfectly equip with the plywood event folding table, which can be made into different shapes like round, rectangular, round in half and squared. Please contact us right away for further specification and details. Our professional trade services will assist you and solve all your confusion.


Banquet Chair



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With the replacement technology continues to improve and upgrade, more and more friends to choose a replacement to solve the problem of hair loss. But there are still a lot of people do not understand what is a hair replacement, mistakenly believe that the hair is a hair replacement. So, wigs and hair replacement in the end what is the difference on this issue, Xiao Bian interviewed the replacement industry professionals.

Wig is a kind of ornament, made of artificial technology. According to the material can be divided into chemical fiber and real hair. According to the process of weaving and hair extension.

Also known as hair. Weaving hair is the way to get the hook of its name, because it is the human hair in the form of artificial root hook in the end of the material, so named. The replacement, is to use his name to name, because of its beginning, mainly for hair loss crowd, that is how much to take off how much.


Hair replacement is a new way to solve the problem of hair loss. Whether it is bald, hair scarce, or all white hair, or even just want to change hair style, can be achieved by weaving hair replacement. Because the hair is a hair replacement is woven on the bottom film, not implanted in the human scalp, so safe, no risk. After the hair replacement is completed, and then cut and hair design, you can make the image of the hair in a short period of time a great change.

Biological scalp, is an originator of the traditional hair, but beyond the traditional hair weaving process, an upgraded product, belonging to the fourth generation of hair products. It is Germany's largest manufacturer of hair products in Germany, the top of the exclusive patent products, the domestic hair can be purchased through Tmall. Biological scalp on behalf of the weaving process epoch-making progress, wearing biological hair hair of the scalp, almost no trace of the point of exposure, the root hair is like a newborn, to achieve a true, invisible effect.

Today, biological scalp has been made from the material, substrate, technology and other aspects of a breakthrough:

Hair material must be used to produce high-quality super real hair, and according to the hair loss of their own hair to match, in order to ensure the hair color, thickness, soft and hard, texture coordinate.

At the end of the membrane extraction of biological stem cell protein extract from South America Sia thatch, the pure bio refining, fine grinding and repeated 27 times, the thinnest thickness can reach 0.01mm! Than the third generation hair weaving product bionic film at least 8 times thinner! So that the wearer can not detect traces of light and comfortable. At the end of the film and the human scalp seamless fit, as if the hair from the scalp as long as the very realistic, natural.

Biological scalp is not only thin, and after the skin treatment, the bottom of the film color and the scalp is infinitely close to each other, there is a vent every 1mm, so that the skin breathe freely. The forehead of the original hairline repair, so that the density of natural transition from thin to dense, really in the subtle place to achieve a realistic reproduction.

Biological scalp hair hook weaving is a very fine workmanship, the requirements of tens of thousands of root hair in accordance with the flow of hair hook to a bottom film, less than half a month, more than 1 months to ensure the final quality. Such a natural fluffy hair, not easy flat collapse, can be arbitrary direction comb, change hair.

After a clear understanding of the difference between hair weaving and wigs, Xiaobian believe that friends in the choice also have their own answer, for the hair to change the appearance of defects can choose hair weaving, for the pursuit of fashion hair style without the problem of friends, can buy the whole top wig.




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Nutritional loss has been a long-standing misconception of canned food. During canning, the temperature does not exceed 100 , while home cooking temperature could easily exceed 150 . Aside from that, it is rich in vitamin C, pectin, flavonoids, carotenoids and selenium, zinc. It is proven to eliminate dark spots, have anti-aging ingredients, improve the immune system, and promotes appetite.


About Us

Jutai Foods Group Limited is located in Qingdao China with convenient advantages of the port. Customers can easily enjoy a low-cost export service and a relaxing visit to our company.


We are one professional foodstuff company, producing fruit and vegetable products for years, investing in different factories branches, and establishing our own planting base, science lab, workshops. We mainly specialize in canned fruit, canned vegetable,dried and preserved fruit, fresh vegetable and fruit and frozen vegetable and fruit.Our featured products are canned peach,canned fuit cocktail,canned mandarin orange,canned pineapple,canned green peas,canned mixed vegetables,canned mushroom,fruit salad and so on.


We have an experienced team on R&D for producing and marketing.


We pride ourselves on good quality, competitive price, and diversified products.


Our factories have successfully passed the authentication in ISO22000, BRC, HACCP,the U.S. FDA Registration, KOSHER,HALAL,ect.


Our product export to The European Union, the CIS countries, the United States, South America, Middle East, southeast Asia, Japan, Africa and Australia etc, more than 80 countries and regions.


By establishing long term good business relationship with customers, it has won us broad international market and good business reputation.  


freeze dried pineapple

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The first step:


Before gluing the lashes on, please check and size the lashes. You have to make sure that the eyelashes are not too wide for your eye. Hold the eyelash strips up against your eyelid, and trim them down on the sides if it is necessary.


If you feel the eyelashes are too long for your taste, please consider trimming the individual lashes down to achieve more natural feeling. Eyelashes should be longer toward the outer corner of your eyes.


The second step:


Using an applicator or brush to apply the lash glue to the outer seam of the eyelash strip. Make sure the glue to dry for a moment before applying it to eyelashes.


You also can squeeze a thin line of eyelash glue onto your hand. Then, gently run the outer seam of the lash strip along it.


The third step:


Place the eyelash strip on your eyelid, make it close to your natural eyelashes. Bring the strip down from above, not from the front. This is to ensure that you get close to your lashline.


The fourth step:


Make the glue dry naturally. When the strip is in place, you do not need to press or hold it.


The fifth step:


Apply mascara to your lashes. This will help to blend your natural eyelashes with the false ones, achieving a more natural feeling. You can use black, brown, or dark gray mascara.


The sixth step:


Apply liquid eyeliner along your upper lids. Make sure to fill in any gaps between the false lashes and your own to make them look more natural. Use black, brown, or dark gray liner.


Mink eyelashes


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In most mineral processing processes, flocculants are used for settling and centrifugation. CHINAFLOC - PAM series products used in mineral processing industry, could be selected according to the using conditions or produce  according to customer's specific requirements. The flocculants are optimized according to the types of mining, and our products and services are introduced in the field of beneficiation.


1.Once the coal is extracted, it is classified according to the grain size and then separated from the water according to the difference in the gravity of the coal and impurities in the medium of water. The coal floats on the top of water , the impurities sink to the bottom, and the processed coal is then sorted again to get the final product. In the process, a fine powder coal is produced, which requires further processing and recycling. This process is usually carried out by flotation methods, with flotation reagents to improve the separation efficiency of coal and impurities. Refined Coal is flotated , and the tail coal is setting down. The refined coal is recoveried through settled, filtered or centrifuged . The flocculant is applied in the settlement process to promote the separation of solid liquid. Then in the concentrator, water is recycled by the overflow of the concentrator. The powder coal is filtered and centrifuged. The efficiency of the separation process is improved by adding coagulant before adding the flocculant when we produce the  lignite or coal with high clayWe recommend our models of Chinafloc A2520 and Chinafloc N0510


2.In the process of gold and silver washing,the method of carbon slurry or carbon filter is generally adopted. Use activated carbon dissolved in cyanide to recover gold and silver. Before filtering, the ore is crushed and screened, and the selected minerals are added to the ball mill to add water and lime. Adding flocculant to each concentrator promotes the rapid deposition of solids and filters through a series of filters. So gold and silver have enough time to dissolve in cyanide. The gold and silver is extracted from the solution by a series of carbon adsorption slots, and in the negative direction of slurry , put the activated carbon in it and the gold and silver are sticked on the carbon particles  and be  extracted from the carbon particles. Most of the gold and silver have been extracted before the pulp reaches the last sink. Pouring the remaining pulp  into the sink, where the carbon particles arrive at the first sink, which has absorbed most of the gold and silver in the solution. The carbon particles with rich gold and silver are delivered to the washers, and gold and silver are flushed from the carbon particles with ultra-hot water. The solution containing gold and silver is collected through the electrolytic pool.we recommend our models of Chinafloc A2520 Chinafloc A2015


3.Lead and zinc processing.Lead and Zinc  are usually in the form of sulfide, sometimes also in the presence of oxides and silicates. For different forms of existence, the separation and processing of lead and zinc requires different techniques. In the separation process of sulfide lead and zinc: the mineral is oxidized to zinc oxide. The oxide is then leached with sulfuric acid. The PH of around 5 neutral filtrate and PH of 2.5 can make all the concentrate dissolved in sulfuric acid. Some company  added a heat filter enrichment process to furtherly  improve the recovery rate. Backflow settlement system is usually used for neutral concentrated overflow purification.we recommend our models of Chinafloc A3016 and Chinafloc A3018


4. Bauxite. First, the minerals are crushed to less than 1mm grade,and then  Add sodium hydroxide with  high temperature and high pressure. Aluminum is dissolved in highly corrosive liquids, and other impurities of soluble aluminate are not dissolved. The gravel   along with the primary concentrated mineral slurry are removed after the process. Flocculants are added to the primary concentration pool. This is a very important process of technology to get clear overflow. The bottom flow of the concentration pool , that is  the red mud will be processed by a reverse flow settlement process. In this process the aluminum in the liquid is recycled through a series of sink sinks. The flocculant is then used again to facilitate rapid settlement and to obtain the required clarifying overflow.the overflow of  primary concentration with  aluminum is filtered ,after cooling (48 hours), and the hydrate of aluminum to facilitate the precipitation of the aluminum trihydrate. And the get  aluminum after filtered ,washing and calcined..we recommend our models of ChinaflocCF7660 Chinafloc-CF7823 and Chinafloc-CF7950


5.Copper. The mineral can be separated from waste materials or pulsates through crushing g, and the mineral is crushed again, then be pulverized again with a ball mill or agitator. The ultimate mineral particle size is usually less than 100um. In the final crushing process, add the collector to the pulp. The collector can absorb copper sulphide and make its particles hydrophobic. The copper mines will be recycled through flotation processes. In flotation the air will be passed into the pulp. The foaming agent will also be added to produce bubbles and make the copper particles firmly attached to the bubbles at the top of the pulp. The slurry or tailings from the flotation pool will be into the enrichment pool for further settlement. At this time,The flocculant is added to facilitate rapid settlement and produce  overflow. Clarification of overflow will be used as circulation water. The remaining concentrated tailings will be centrifuged dewatering, and the flocculant will be added as a centrifugal additive. The bubbles (concentrates) which  with copper  are separated from the overflow  by  mechanical method. Then it is concentrated and dehydrated. The flocculant is used to improve the efficiency of settlement and filtration. The final refined mining  or filter cake contains nearly 25 to 35 percent copper. This will be recycled through high temperature metallurgy.we recommend our models of Chinafloc A3016 and Chinafloc A3016A


6. Phosphate.the main dressing method basically has the following ways: direct flotation and reverse flotation, anti - positive (positive - DE) scrubbing flotation, double reverse flotation, desliming, roasting digestion process, chemical processing, heavy medium separation and so on. During the  process of Phosphate production, it will  produce a large number of slime, waste rock, waste water, etc.,and the the water and the soilnear the mining  will be polluted , it will make the t ecological balance destruction if there is without  appropriate measures.and it will  affect local production and living. The waste water in the phosphate industry mainly comes from external drainage of mine and outdoor quarry, mineral processing wastewater, machine repair and auto repair water, life water, etc. Our company may take different measures according to the  water source  and quality  to meet the emission standards. In the process of wastewater treatment, various kinds of polymers can be used in the process of chemical production. These polymers can be used to speed up wastewater treatment and improve recycling efficiency of wastewater. T he flocculant can make the fine particles more compact during the sludge dewateringt process, Chinafloc pam can greatly reduce the dosage of the flocculating agent, tail mud rapid subsidence, dehydration, and effectively make the tail mud solid content over 60%, it is conveninent  to carry the tailing sludge to quarry for mine filling, vegetation, farming, planting, improve the land utilization.we recommend our models of Chinafloc A2520 and Chinafloc A3016


Chinafloc can supply various of flocculant for different mineral processing to meet different requirement from different clients.Chinafloc will continuly provide  more valuable  products and services for you.





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