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The 39th IPA convention and exhibition held in May, 20-22, 2015 at the Jakarta Convention Center and three of our colleagues attended in this exhibition. This exhibition is the most influential integrated oil show in the local and it is the first time to open the booth to the Mainland of China. The theme of the convention and exhibition is Working Together to Accelerate Solutions in Anticipating Indonesias Energy Crisis. Through attended this exhibition make our company have chance to know well about the oilfield development present statues and the oilfield chemicals in Indonesia.


About Us

Qingdao Zoranoc Oilfield Chemical Co., Ltd. (hereafter shorted as ZORANOC) is a world leading manufacturer and supplier of Xanthan gum, Corrosion inhibitor,carboxymethyl cellulose and Sodium bromide. Since founded in 2007, the annual turnover is more than USD90, 000,000 and annual export quantity is over 250,000 tons.


Meanwhile, Zoranoc Oilfield Servises Limited (hereafter shorted as ZORANOC) is designing and manufacturing Refinery Plant Projects.Our products including atmospheric and vacuum distillation unit, catalytic cracking unit, delayed coking unit, hydrogenation unit and other sets.


ZORANOC is one of the earliest companies committed to the R&D and production of petrochemicals, and through cooperation with customers, now we can produce any drilling fluid for all oilfields, and solve many problems arising from the drilling process, so we have been one of the most powerful oilfield suppliers in China, with our service going in every stage in R&D and production of both onshore and offshore oilfields, mainly including drilling, oilfield technique and oil-water separation. Also as a technology service company with high standards, we give more attention to production facilities, as we have advanced high pressure reactor, pressing separator, gas chromatograph, high performance liquid chromatography and Brookfield Viscometer, etc. Depending on premium products and service, we have built long-term cooperation with oilfield companies in more than 10 countries such as Iran, UAE, Kuwait, USA, Russia, Indonesia and Belarus, including NIDC, PDVSA, ONGC, BELORUSNEFT and PERTAMINA. We have been highly regarded by all our customers. Meanwhile, we have deep cooperation in oil drilling chemicals, petroleum refining additives and drilling fluid additives with the four large oilfield service companies (Schlumberger, Baker Hughes, Halliburton and Weatherford).


As the largest manufacturer of oilfield chemicals in China, we always insist in the highest quality, health, safety and environment-protection standards, and are dedicated in supplying first-class and premium service, and insisting on safety management principles of Prevention first, People-oriented, and we focus on customers and carry on the quality management philosophy of Credit First, Users First; and in our service and production, we sufficiently use process-control methods to guarantee the quality of products and service and to satisfy customers; we track the developing trend of markets and customer demands, as to supply customers with safe, premium, low-consumption and highly efficient service. All of this is ZORANOC.


Contact Us







TEL: +86-532-68601062    FAX: +86-532-68601027

Designing and manufacturing refinery plant


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August 18th 20 am, the Tianjin Binhai New Area, the air Bureau of the building, here has been a temporary requisition for the coastal explosion rescue headquarters.

In a blue tent with flood control, Tianjin city in charge of safety and production of vice mayor He Shushan, Beijing military area command Shi Luze, Tianjin, and other relevant responsible person and some experts, such as sitting around the table, the table covered with a Tianjin port '12 - 8' explosion area image map of the big map.

That night, here is a rescue work conference. During the day of the survey results, confirm the previous command master Ruihai dangerous goods the quantity and distribution of, located at the core area of the explosion crater center, formerly placed in the 800 tons of ammonium nitrate and 500 tons of potassium nitrate is likely to is an important cause of the accident.

"China Times" reporter learned that the explosion of a new discovery of more than 300 tons of sodium metal, because it is flammable and explosive, it is likely to become a site of a time bomb, for the accident rescue and disposal to bring new problems.

800 tons of ammonium nitrate

"We want to fire again to save antichemical now." On the 18th, Tianjin port 8 - 12 "Ruihai, dangerous goods warehouse particularly serious fire explosion accident of the ten news conference, Tianjin municipal Party committee deputy secretary and mayor Huang Xingguo said" many of our comrades have never encountered such a complicated problem. "

At present, in addition to on-site rescue, another main task is the exploration of hazardous chemicals, mainly by the Beijing defense forces responsible for. 18, involved in the rescue of the Beijing Garrison chemical group sent a few teams, subregions on surrounding the accident investigation and on the investigation of the container were numbered -- No. 1 as empty containers, No. 2 is provided with the case of a non hazardous chemicals, No. 3 is box of hazardous chemicals. On the same day, participating in the investigation of the troops found that the core area of the accident there are two large container of metal sodium, which has a container site has cracked, metallic sodium scattered in the ground.

And he Shushan also at the press conference confirmed the presence of sodium metal scene, "the Ruihai logistics hazardous chemicals is a total of seven major types of approximately about 40 varieties, including oxides, flammable solids and cyanide, which flammable solid sodium metal and metal magnesium 500 tons and 700 tons of cyanide, oxides, including ammonium nitrate, potassium nitrate, other part is already blow up the."

As the cause of the accident has not been announced, the real explosion caused widespread speculation. Previously, a culprit mentioned in the media explosion accident may be made of metal sodium. However, the experts involved in the rescue of the accident does not think so, because the power of the metal is not so large, and there is still a lot of metal sodium. Presumably, the ammonium nitrate may be the real culprit.

Ministry of Public Security Fire Bureau Deputy Director Niu Yue in an interview with CCTV further confirmed that Ruihai company storage of goods, including about 800 tons of ammonium nitrate, potassium nitrate about 500 tons, dangerous chemicals a total of about 3000 tons.

It is understood that the main purpose of ammonium nitrate is fertilizer and explosives, while nitrate can also be configured with black powder, explosives and fireworks and other products. Qu Ruijing, a senior researcher at the chemical industry, told the China Times reporter, ammonium nitrate itself is a kind of explosive, powerful, in case of fire will produce a strong explosion.

At present, the core of the explosion area formed a huge puddle, nearly 10000 square meters. "China Times" from the headquarters to understand, according to Ruihai company provides storage of dangerous goods schematic diagram, the puddle zone is ammonium nitrate, potassium nitrate storage area, that is to say, the centre of the explosion just stored with 800 tons of ammonium nitrate and 500 tons of potassium nitrate, which may be a culprit in the huge explosion.

The man behind the accident

It is understood, Ruihai company "business" hazardous chemicals stored separately in the warehouse of the "box", "arrived in the library," storehouse "," hazardous chemical libraries "and" hazardous chemical libraries second ". But the stacking sequence of these regional hazardous chemicals is confusing. The "box" stacked dichloromethane, chloroform, tetrachloride titanium, formic acid, acetic acid, hydriodic acid, methyl sulfonic acid, calcium carbide, "arrived in Library stacking of ammonium nitrate, potassium nitrate, sodium cyanide, diphenyl amine, dimethyl aniline;" transit warehouse stacked hydrosulfide sodium, sodium sulfide, sodium hydroxide, maleic anhydride, hydroiodic acid; and two hazardous chemicals warehouse stacked potassium nitrate, sodium nitrate, calcium silicate, sodium sulfide, methyl sulfonic acid, cyano acetic acid, Dodecylbenzene sulfonic acid and other goods.

The chemical industry professionals said, this layout is obviously wrong Ruihai international. In accordance with the classification of hazardous chemicals, 4 categories and 5 kinds of dangerous chemicals can not be stacked together.

Similarly, the management of hazardous chemicals, the operator must undergo a rigorous training. However, Ruihai company stevedores foreign admits, the position of the workers had no after training of dangerous chemicals, qualification certificate has not been made. "China Times" reporter learned from an injured Ruihai employees, he posts the operation of protective measures only a top safety helmet.

In the view of Qu Ruijing, Ruihai company of dangerous chemical warehouse, in fact, is a similar to the transfer station yard, extensive management, many aspects are in violation of relevant regulations and standards. "The main problem is the amount of the standard. With sodium cyanide as an example, the maximum storage quantity should be only 10 tons, but in fact the Ruihai International stacked 700 tons. May not just the total amount, the number of individual packaging is also very likely to exceed, otherwise not due to pressure and the valve


Porous Prilled Ammonium Nitrate (PPAN)

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Thickness: 3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm

Max. Size: 3660x6000mm

Min. Size: 300x800mm

Standard size: 2134x3300mm, 2134x3660mm, 2440x3300mm, 1830x2440mm, 2440x3660mm, 2250x3300mm

Color: Clear, ultra clear, dark grey, euro grey, silver grey, light blue, blue green, green, ocean blue, ford blue, dark blue and other color in different shades, etc.


On line Low-E glass for curtain wall is hard coated and can be used as Mongolic, insulated, laminated, tempered or curved. We have the most advanced Belgium production line which keeps stable and good quality.


On line low-e for curtain wall has a incomparable performance comparing with normal offline soft coated low e glass. Neutural color Low E, grey blue low E are available.


Mongolic glass: On line low-e, sun-e glass is hard coated, and can be used moronically. Coating is on the second face to reach the best performance.


Isulated glass: Suggest locate the low e coated glass face at the face 3# and the SUN-E glass face at the face 2 when composite with a piece of clear glass into IGU. When it processes into isolated glass, it is unnecessary to erase the film at side.


Laminated glass: Must use the uncoated face to composite laminated glass. When it uses moronically, the coated face is suggested at the face 4#. When it is in isolated unit, suggest locate it interior of the IGU.


Tempered glass and heat strengthen glass: As the coat is low effective, the parameter for tempering is different from the normal float glass. Therefore, the process parameter must be revised accordingly. When it is under tempering, the temperature of glass is increasing, please do not make the coated glass face contact the roller to prevent any damage to the coat itself.


Hot curved: As the coat is with low effective feature, the processing parameter is different from normal float glass. The coated face is not recommended to contact the roller to prevent any damage to the coat itself.


Low-iron glass

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 A cup of chocolate will not improve memory, but the taste buds on the tongue will not complain about this.


        There is a piece of chocolate, lovers can taste. Continuous drinking cocoa rich ingredient compound beverage three months later, during a memory test process, the performance of subjects 50 to 69 years of age and some younger than their twenties and thirties of the people's memory similar performance. But the problem is, if you want to get these benefits by eating chocolate, you need to eat a surprisingly large number of chocolate.


        This recent study shows that cocoa beans in a chemical called flavanols can produce beneficial effects on the brain. Flavanols are natural chemical substance that can be found in cocoa beans, blueberries, green tea keep in refrigerator and red wine being. Earlier studies found that the consumption of flavanol-rich diet mice showed enhanced memory, as well as some specific regions of the brain appear greater blood flow; New York City, Columbia University neurobiologist Scott Small wanted to know mechanism similar to the human brain may what impact.


       To get results, Small team found 19 volunteers aged between 50 to 69 years old, mixed with water and drink 900 ml of milk per day flavanol cocoa powder. These doses were asked twice daily drinking. While the remaining 18 volunteers were asked to drink one kind contains only 10 milligrams of cocoa flavanols powder drinks.


      During the three months before and after the experiment, two groups of volunteers underwent functional magnetic resonance imaging scans (fMRI). After three months of testing, the researchers compared the results after the scan found a higher blood flow to specific parts of drinking flavanol content of their subject hippocampus - the dentate gyrus of the flow rate higher than before the experiment 20%. the chocolate in 2~8 degree refrigerator will be more delicious At the same time, high consumption of flavanol content than subjects drinking the blood flow to the lower content of the subject matter of the dentate gyrus of the same flow rate is also showing growth. Interestingly, this region and memory loss caused by age are also relevant.


Laboratory Refrigeration

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The beauty of natural hair is that it is porous, and it will easily accept hair coloring. But what about synthetic hair ? Synthetic hair is made of smooth plastic fibers which can not accept the coloring that human hair can. Whether it be because of illness or choice, some people that wear wigs choose wigs made with synthetic hair. Is there a way to change the hair color of these synthetic pieces, or does it need to forever remain the same color? While synthetic hair can not be lightened, there are ways to make the colors darker or richer.


Things You'll Need


-Fabric dye or

-Roux Fancifull Color Rinse (close to your current synthetic hair shade)

-Empty spray bottle


-Colored permanent markers (optional)


To dramatically change the color of synthetic hair, purchase a liquid fabric dye in your desired color. In one gallon of water, dissolve 4 oz. of dye. Submerge your hair piece in the dye and let it soak for at least 45 minutes. Continue this process until you have reached your desired shade. Rinse well and then take care to condition your hair piece as recommended by the manufacturer.


If you desire a softer change to your synthetic hair piece, a bottle of Roux Fancifull Hair Rinse is a great solution. To evenly distribute the coloring throughout the hair, pour it into a spray bottle. Spray the hair with the Fancifull, but do not rinse. Allow to dry. Re-spray if necessary.


If you desire fun, colorful stripes in your hair piece, use colored Sharpie markers or permanent ink to add the color stripe by stripe. Starting at the root, hold the marker so the wide side of the tip is against the hair shaft. Run along the hair until you have the result you want. This can be a long, slow process, so it is best to plan to do it when you have a lot of free sitting time.


Striped synthetic hair p ieces ]


Tips & Warnings


The lighter the original synthetic color, the easier it is to dye. If you wish to color your synthetic piece a bright color, starting with a platinum or blond wig is the best way to go. After coloring your piece, allow it to dry on something freestanding, such as a paper towel holder, so it touches nothing else and can dry evenly.

When coloring your hair piece, let it dry between dye baths before adding more dye as this will give you a more accurate idea of the actual resulting color.


Hair Extensions

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Structural steel (Materials for Mechanical Engineering): refers to meet specific strength and formability of steel grades. It can be formed after the tensile elongation at break test represented. Structural steel is generally used for carrying purposes, in strength steel in these applications is a reusable design criteria. Structural steel is steel is a special one.


1. For a variety of steel machine parts. It includes hardened steel, quenched and tempered steel, bearing steel and spring steel.

2. The steel used for engineering structures. It includes carbon steel in the A, B, special type of steel and common low-alloy steel.


Metal Culvert Structural plate


metal culvert which is assembled by structural plate is perfect for projects that require large pipe. This product offers efficient, easy installation. We supply the sturctural plates with 150mmX50mm, 200mmX55mm,300mmX110mm,380mmX140mm,400mmX150mm.


Nestable corrugated steel pipe


Nestable corrugated steel pipe is composed of two half round segments which are bolted together to form a round pipe. There two standard method to form a round pipe. flanged nestable corrugated steel pipe and overlapped corrugated steel pipe. It suitable for the small diameter pipe and easy to ship to the oversea marktert.


corrugated plate liner


corrugated plate liner are used to repair or replace the old bridge and culvert.


Nestable corrugated steel pipe

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Shandong Qianhui Magnetic material Co., Ltd., founded in 2016, is a high-paying technology enterprise specializing in research, development, production and sales of high performance magnetic materials such as ndfeb and its products. The company has 50-100 employees, covering an area of 20,000 square meters. The company has years of production and sales history of ndfeb magnetic materials, with independent import and export rights, products exported to the United States, Germany, Korea, Japan and other countries.


Qianhui company rely on advanced production equipment and efficient enterprise management, passed th.e ISO9001 quality management system, 14000 environment system certification, SGS environmental protection certification and the European EN71 certification. Products are with high performance, high precision, small size. The company's magnetic materials products are widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, electric motors, electroacoustic, electric cars, VCM motors, voice coil motors, linear motors, computers and other fields. The product features low weight loss, high consistency and stability.


Magnetic material main series:


N series N35-N52,M series N35M-N50M,H series N35H-N48H,SH series N35SH-N45SH,UH series N30UH-N42UH,EH series N33EH-N35EH,AH series N28AH-N33AH.


Enterprise culture:Development view: innovation, implementation, speed, service.


Customer view: excellent quality, reasonable price, high quality service.


Talent view: the best, the mediocre, the average.


Values: human value is higher than the value of things, common value is higher than personal value, social value is higher than profit value, and user value is higher than production value.


Enterprise spirit: qianhui people, the spirit of diligence, with a vast mind, achievement of qianhui cause.


Corporate culture: sincerity, respect; Caring and happy; Gratitude, harmony.


Find us


Welcome to contact us via the information as below, well reply you within 24 hrs.

Shandong Qianhui Magnetic Material Co., Ltd.

Guanyuguoji room 1312, 300m east of train station, Weifang city, Shandong Province, China.





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Time is life,observed the renowned 20th-century writer, translator and educator Liang Shiqiu. It is most startling to hear a watch or clock clicking away the seconds, each click indicating the shortening of ones life little by little.For modern people, life is much like a battle against time. It seems that an invisible power urges us to do everything quicker, hastier, faster: more “快” (kuài, quick; fast; rapid; swift).




The character is commonly used to describe speed. The frequently used term for courieris 快递 (kuàidì) meaning express delivery;” 快餐 (kuàicān) is fast food;and 快车 (kuàichē) is an express train or bus. Meanwhile, 动作快 (dòngzuò kuài) is to act quicklyand 说话快 (shuōhuà kuài) means fast talking.Based on this, a quick worker is called 快手 (kuàishǒu), literally translated as fast hand”—its also the name of a popular live-streaming app (see feature). For example: Liu is such a quick and neat worker that he is known as Fast Hand Liu.However, when it comes to 快嘴 (kuàizuǐ, fast mouth), this isnt describing someones talking speed. Instead, it refers to people who voice their thoughts too readily, or have loose lipsin other words, a gossip.




You may also have heard people say 脑子快 (nǎozi kuài, the brain is fast). It means quick-witted, clever, and nimble.The term 眼疾手快 (yǎnjíshǒukuài, literally, quick of eye and deft of hand) is often used to describe fast reflexes.




If you want to express that you are doing something at top speed, you can turn to the idiom 快马加鞭 (kuàimǎ jiābiān, spurring on the fast horse). For example: 在这最后一个星期,我们要快马加鞭,按期完成任务。(Zài zhè zuìhòu yīgè xīngqí, wǒmen yào kuàimǎjiābiān, ànqí wánchéng rènwù. In the final week, we must spur on the fast horseand finish the project on time).




In some other cases, also indicates a future tense, meaning soonor before long.For example, you can say : 我快要五十岁了。(Wǒ kuàiyào wǔshí suìle. I am about to be 50.)




Another meaning of is sharp; keen.A sharp knife is 快刀 (kuàidāo). A Chinese saying states that “快刀斩乱麻” (kuàidāo zhǎn luànmá), which can be translated as cut a tangled skein of jute with a sharp knife.This old-fangled pearl of wisdom means that one should be resolute and take prompt measures in order to solve a complex problem.




But didnt always have these keen connotations. Its original meaning was pleased, happy, satisfied.As a pictophonetic characterwhere one component carries the meaning and another the soundits radical




, a simplified version of (xīn, heart), indicates that is an emotion-related word. Many two-character words containing have this meaning, such as 快乐 (kuàilè, happy), 快活 (Kuàihuo, jolly, merry, cheerful), or 快感 (kuàigǎn, apleasant sensation or delight). There is also the literary expression 快事 (kuàishì), meaning an occurrence that gives great satisfaction or pleasure.For instance, 他乡遇故知,实乃人生一大快事!(Tāxiāng yù gùzhī, shí nǎi rénshēng yī dà kuài shì! It is such a delight in life to encounter an old friend in a distant land!)




In this meaning, being served a sneak peak or trailer of a film is 先睹为快 (xiāndǔwéikuài, consider it a pleasure to be among the first to read or see); hurting oneself will lead to 亲痛仇快 (qīn tòng chóu kuài, sadden ones close friends and gladden ones enemies); when virtue is rewarded it 大快人心 (dàkuàirénxīn, gladdens the peoples hearts). The most interesting use of this exists in the word 快婿 (kuàixù). With 婿 (xù) meaning son-in-law, the word refers to an ideal match for ones daughter.




When the character is used to depict a personality, means straightforward, forthright, and plainspoken,as seen in words like 爽快 (shuǎngkuài, straightforward and outspoken).




Here we have the phrase 快人快语 (kuàirén kuàiyǔ), meaning straightforward talk from a straightforward person,which is usually used to flatter people face-to-face: “您快人快语!跟您聊天真是痛快” (Nín kuàirénkuàiyǔ! Gēn nín liáotiān zhēnshi tòngkuài! You are such a straightforward person, talking straightforwardly! Its such a pleasure to talk with you!)




Last but not least, sometimes is also a noun. In ancient times, a sheriff was called


捕快 (Bǔkuài), referring to a constable who caught criminals. But this word is no longer used for policemen in modern society. What do people call the cops now? Thats a lesson for another day.



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Manuel Bolotinha


Introduction to Emergency Generator Set


Hospitals, airports, shopping malls and office buildings, just to mention some examples, are very sensitive, in what concerns safety of people and goods, to power outages caused by faults in medium (MV) and low voltage (LV) distribution networks and even in high voltage (HV) transmission networks.


When a power outage occurs is necessary that communication systems, emergency lighting, smoke exhaust fans, fire fighting water pumping stations, security, lighting in buildings and other critical electrical systems and equipments, designated as essential loads (or critical), continue running.


To solve such problems common solution is the installation of LV diesel emergency generator sets, whose applications, characteristics and installation procedures must be in accordance with IEC Standard 60034.


Rated Power and Neutral Grounding of Emergency Generator


Rated power of LV diesel emergency generator sets depends on the operation regime: standby, prime and continuous, as defined in ISO Standard 8528.


In standby regime the available power supplied by the generator set varies with the value of the load during the lack of normal power supply and average power output is 70% of emergency standby power rating. Typical operation of this regime is 200 hours per year with a maximum of 500 hours per year.


In prime regime the available power supplied by the generator set varies with the value of the load for an unlimited period of time and average power output is 70% of prime power rating. Typical peak demand of 100% of prime-rated ekW with 10% of overload capability for emergency use for a maximum of 1 hour each 12 hours; overload functioning may not exceed 25 hours per year.


In continuous regime output is available without varying load for an unlimited time. Average power output is 70 100% of the continuous power rating. Typical peak demand is 100% of continuous rated ekW for 100% of operating hours.


According to the definitions stated above is easy to understand that the same generator set has different rated powers for each operation regime. Rated power in standby regime is higher than rated power in prime regime, which is higher than rated power in continuous regime.


Rated power of generator sets main be defined in kVA or kW for a cos Φ (Power Factor) = 0.8. It is also necessary to define the network frequency (50 Hz or 60 Hz).


In Table 1, as an example, are shown the values of rated power (kVA) of some generator sets of the same manufacturer and the same manufacturing series, according to the operation regime (f = 50 Hz).



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Longwin Unisteel Co.,Ltd. was established in 2008, Through 10 years' development, the company has become one of the big supplier of steel pipe , steel fittings, seel coils, steel plates and  PREPAINTED GALVANIZED STEEL COILS with an annual  capacity of 500,000. t.  In the past years, Our products have been supplied to 22 provinces and municipalities in China and more than 10 foreign countries such as Belgium, USA, Papua New Guinea, Algeria, chile, Brasil,Saudi Arabia, Colombia, Argentina, Vietnam and Singapore etc and have gained favorable remarks both at home and abroad.


Our steel pipe Production facilities of the company at present include four SSAW pipe production lines (Φ529、Φ720、Φ1626、Φ2032、Φ2540) and one ERW 25pipe production line which are capable to produce and supply 200,000 tons/year of spiral submerged arc welded pipe with a diameters range of Φ219-Φ2540mm and a wall thickness range of 6-25.4mm, and 300,000t/year of ERW pipe with a diameter range of Φ219-Φ630mm and a wall thickness range of 4-20mm, and the steel grades of our products is up to X80/N80. Updated and world advanced technology and production/test equipment for the production of spiral weld pipe and ERW pipe were introduced. We imported full line spiral weld pipe production technology and some major equipment from Germany and integrated the most modern technology and equipment in the ERW25line including the full line technology from Korea/USA, and the major equipment from USA, Korea, Austria, Canada, Germany, Japan and China. The products are mainly used for oil and gas transmission and casing as well as for other purposes. The production and test of our products strictly follow the requirements of relevant ISO, API and other international and national standards as well as customersspecial requirements. The company is ISO 9001-2000, API Spec.Q1, ISO/TS- 29001, API Spec.5 L, API Spec.5CT , Saudi Aramco certified. Our company takes quality, in-time delivery and after-sale service as well as good faith as the first priorities and keeps its production technology in pace with the world advanced level to meet the most strict requirements of the updated products specifications and the special requirements of customers.


Concerning fittings,there are first- class manufacturing equipment for pipe fitings and pressure vessels,and more than 200 pcs ( sets) inspection equipment . Our mail product are elbow, tee, bend, reducer, cap and flange.  It cover all sizes, materials and types of fitings and vessels.Especiallyfor high-performance and large diameter cladding and special material products. At the same time, we have the capacity to supply comprehensive products to large-scal projects. Our factory do inspection for the whole process from raw materials, production and processing,and products leaving the factory, to insure 100% production pass rate,which guarantees the product quality effectively.Our product apply in nuclear power plant, power plant, oil, chemical engineering, oil and gas delivery, textile, paper making and other industries.


Compared with traditional brick and steel-concrete composite structure, color coated steel plate as a new type of building material has good practical performance, such as excellent decoration, forming, corrosion resistance, land saving. And it is also characterized by its economic efficiency, such as recyclability.transferability, and fast construction. Today, color coated steel plate has become the ideal building material because of its good performances, and being widely used in public buildings, industrial plant construction and other fields.


Seamless steel pipe


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In most mineral processing processes, flocculants are used for settling and centrifugation. CHINAFLOC - PAM series products used in mineral processing industry, could be selected according to the using conditions or produce  according to customer's specific requirements. The flocculants are optimized according to the types of mining, and our products and services are introduced in the field of beneficiation.


1.Once the coal is extracted, it is classified according to the grain size and then separated from the water according to the difference in the gravity of the coal and impurities in the medium of water. The coal floats on the top of water , the impurities sink to the bottom, and the processed coal is then sorted again to get the final product. In the process, a fine powder coal is produced, which requires further processing and recycling. This process is usually carried out by flotation methods, with flotation reagents to improve the separation efficiency of coal and impurities. Refined Coal is flotated , and the tail coal is setting down. The refined coal is recoveried through settled, filtered or centrifuged . The flocculant is applied in the settlement process to promote the separation of solid liquid. Then in the concentrator, water is recycled by the overflow of the concentrator. The powder coal is filtered and centrifuged. The efficiency of the separation process is improved by adding coagulant before adding the flocculant when we produce the  lignite or coal with high clayWe recommend our models of Chinafloc A2520 and Chinafloc N0510


2.In the process of gold and silver washing,the method of carbon slurry or carbon filter is generally adopted. Use activated carbon dissolved in cyanide to recover gold and silver. Before filtering, the ore is crushed and screened, and the selected minerals are added to the ball mill to add water and lime. Adding flocculant to each concentrator promotes the rapid deposition of solids and filters through a series of filters. So gold and silver have enough time to dissolve in cyanide. The gold and silver is extracted from the solution by a series of carbon adsorption slots, and in the negative direction of slurry , put the activated carbon in it and the gold and silver are sticked on the carbon particles  and be  extracted from the carbon particles. Most of the gold and silver have been extracted before the pulp reaches the last sink. Pouring the remaining pulp  into the sink, where the carbon particles arrive at the first sink, which has absorbed most of the gold and silver in the solution. The carbon particles with rich gold and silver are delivered to the washers, and gold and silver are flushed from the carbon particles with ultra-hot water. The solution containing gold and silver is collected through the electrolytic pool.we recommend our models of Chinafloc A2520 Chinafloc A2015


3.Lead and zinc processing.Lead and Zinc  are usually in the form of sulfide, sometimes also in the presence of oxides and silicates. For different forms of existence, the separation and processing of lead and zinc requires different techniques. In the separation process of sulfide lead and zinc: the mineral is oxidized to zinc oxide. The oxide is then leached with sulfuric acid. The PH of around 5 neutral filtrate and PH of 2.5 can make all the concentrate dissolved in sulfuric acid. Some company  added a heat filter enrichment process to furtherly  improve the recovery rate. Backflow settlement system is usually used for neutral concentrated overflow purification.we recommend our models of Chinafloc A3016 and Chinafloc A3018


4. Bauxite. First, the minerals are crushed to less than 1mm grade,and then  Add sodium hydroxide with  high temperature and high pressure. Aluminum is dissolved in highly corrosive liquids, and other impurities of soluble aluminate are not dissolved. The gravel   along with the primary concentrated mineral slurry are removed after the process. Flocculants are added to the primary concentration pool. This is a very important process of technology to get clear overflow. The bottom flow of the concentration pool , that is  the red mud will be processed by a reverse flow settlement process. In this process the aluminum in the liquid is recycled through a series of sink sinks. The flocculant is then used again to facilitate rapid settlement and to obtain the required clarifying overflow.the overflow of  primary concentration with  aluminum is filtered ,after cooling (48 hours), and the hydrate of aluminum to facilitate the precipitation of the aluminum trihydrate. And the get  aluminum after filtered ,washing and calcined..we recommend our models of ChinaflocCF7660 Chinafloc-CF7823 and Chinafloc-CF7950


5.Copper. The mineral can be separated from waste materials or pulsates through crushing g, and the mineral is crushed again, then be pulverized again with a ball mill or agitator. The ultimate mineral particle size is usually less than 100um. In the final crushing process, add the collector to the pulp. The collector can absorb copper sulphide and make its particles hydrophobic. The copper mines will be recycled through flotation processes. In flotation the air will be passed into the pulp. The foaming agent will also be added to produce bubbles and make the copper particles firmly attached to the bubbles at the top of the pulp. The slurry or tailings from the flotation pool will be into the enrichment pool for further settlement. At this time,The flocculant is added to facilitate rapid settlement and produce  overflow. Clarification of overflow will be used as circulation water. The remaining concentrated tailings will be centrifuged dewatering, and the flocculant will be added as a centrifugal additive. The bubbles (concentrates) which  with copper  are separated from the overflow  by  mechanical method. Then it is concentrated and dehydrated. The flocculant is used to improve the efficiency of settlement and filtration. The final refined mining  or filter cake contains nearly 25 to 35 percent copper. This will be recycled through high temperature metallurgy.we recommend our models of Chinafloc A3016 and Chinafloc A3016A


6. Phosphate.the main dressing method basically has the following ways: direct flotation and reverse flotation, anti - positive (positive - DE) scrubbing flotation, double reverse flotation, desliming, roasting digestion process, chemical processing, heavy medium separation and so on. During the  process of Phosphate production, it will  produce a large number of slime, waste rock, waste water, etc.,and the the water and the soilnear the mining  will be polluted , it will make the t ecological balance destruction if there is without  appropriate measures.and it will  affect local production and living. The waste water in the phosphate industry mainly comes from external drainage of mine and outdoor quarry, mineral processing wastewater, machine repair and auto repair water, life water, etc. Our company may take different measures according to the  water source  and quality  to meet the emission standards. In the process of wastewater treatment, various kinds of polymers can be used in the process of chemical production. These polymers can be used to speed up wastewater treatment and improve recycling efficiency of wastewater. T he flocculant can make the fine particles more compact during the sludge dewateringt process, Chinafloc pam can greatly reduce the dosage of the flocculating agent, tail mud rapid subsidence, dehydration, and effectively make the tail mud solid content over 60%, it is conveninent  to carry the tailing sludge to quarry for mine filling, vegetation, farming, planting, improve the land utilization.we recommend our models of Chinafloc A2520 and Chinafloc A3016


Chinafloc can supply various of flocculant for different mineral processing to meet different requirement from different clients.Chinafloc will continuly provide  more valuable  products and services for you.





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