Honor Finn

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22 Tribute Donations

Gifted by Nathan Dozor

“In honor of Finn Green. You made it little guy!!! You are the bravest boy we know. So happy you are doing well and at home with your family. Lots of love, The Dozors”

Gifted by Love, Pascal, Tara, Rebekah & Kelly Reid

“Hi Finn & Stephanie, We look forward keeping up with your progress, and we keep you in our before-dinner prayer evey day. If Ted or the boys want to fly up, Pascal can take up to 3 passengers and be there in 2 hours. Call us ANY TIME.”

Gifted by anonymous

Gifted by Kristi (Annika and Zach's mom)

“Hope you feel better soon, Finn. We are praying for you. Annika and Zachary Barnes from Surf city christian”
Thomas Delle Donne

Gifted by Thomas Delle Donne

“In honor of Finn Green. Finn- wishing you a speedy recovery and all God's blessings! Tommy D”

Gifted by DonE and Sandy-SSSC

“Hi Finn! We work with your dad. He talks about you and your brothers all the time, so we know you're a superhero and will be all better really soon!”

Gifted by Tracy@ SSSC

“Here's to a speedy recovery Finn!”
Dianne and family.

Gifted by Dianne and family.

“Thank you for this remarkable website that allowed us to keep in touch with our brave Finn and his family.”

Gifted by Audrey, Koby, Sebastian and Maddox Mok

“In honor of Finn Green. You are a true superhero Finn! We are sending you lots of hugs and prayers! Love, Audrey, Koby, Sebastian and Maddox Mok”

Gifted by anonymous

“Wow little one - you are so special. I am saving up back scratches for you. Hurry and get better, Love Nancy”