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July 07, 2019

Well I have finally made it to the next phase in this journey. Tomorrow I will have reconstruction surgery at 8 a.m. at Piedmont in Athens.  The surgery should last around 3 hours. Please say a prayer for me, my family and Dr Luigo in the morning. 

Recovery should be much easier than the last time. I imagine the anesthesia fog will be the hardest (I still feel effects from the first surgery). My biggest challenge will be not picking up anything over 5 lbs for a while. 

Thank you all for your support, prayers and kind words. I could not have done this without them or without my parents. I am so fortunate to have them close and a part of my life. 

It’s hard to say I’m a survivor because I did not have to face months of chemo or radiation like so many brave ladies each day. I realize how fortunate I am and will always admire the strength and courage of women battling breast cancer. 

Get checked, feel your boobs and encourage your moms, grand moms and daughters to stay on top of their health. My experience is the perfect example of how important it is. 

My doctor sent me to a genetic counselor for testing last month even though I am likely negative for the BRCA gene. I have decided to test for my kids - peace of mind is worth a million dollars. 

Love you all!

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  • Jennifer Whittaker : Praying the surgery & recovery will go smoothly. Especially that the anesthesia fog isn't as foggy as last time.
  • Christy Gunter : Praying for a successful surgery and recovery. May God give you strength, reassurance, and healing to get through this. I will be praying for you all and checking on you. Please let me know if y’all need anything.