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Site created on October 28, 2020

Welcome friends and family. I have been writing and sharing my story for the past few weeks and I wanted to create a space for you all to be able to follow along:) 

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Journal entry by Fallon Lev

The five day count down is ON and this is how I feel about having “the jewelry” removed! Also known as my “handle bar”😝

My feelings: mixed and multi-dimensional. 🙆🏼‍♀️

A) I hate change
B) My expectations are low as far as what this means in advancing my immediate circumstances.
C) I feel attached to the little guy. Together, we’ve come a long way...🤍

My next surgery is scheduled for Monday November 16th. I will have the External Fixator removed, & then spend 6 more weeks non weight barring. I did have dreams last night that I was walking around & I wasn’t supposed to. 😳 I’m definitely not a rule breaker, nor am I in a rush. I was conflicted even in my dream state whether I should be walking or not. Apparently my mind is ready to put one foot in front of the other, but my body and heart have a little more common sense/compassion. 🤍

It’s more important to me that my body has plenty of time to rest and heal. I said from the very beginning, “I want to do whatever it takes so that 20 years from now my body still loves me.” I had multiple conversations with surgeons and was very clear that I was in it for the long run! Making these decisions in the hospital on my own was pretty scary. And not only was I alone, but I was on plenty of drugs. I also had the Joe Dispenza story lingering in the back of my head from the minute they told me I MIGHT have to have surgery. 

Once I settled in on the decision to go ahead with the surgery. (After plenty of X-rays this less became a choice. ) The decision was made for me, and I can’t imagine having not gone through with the surgery. The External Fixator definitely gives me a sense of confidence that my body is in “good hands”. My pelvis is being stabilized. Rather than just the “wait and see method “ or just hope for things to “fall back into place”. 

This is not a quick fix kind of thing. I do not want this injury defining my body for the rest of my life. My preferred forecast is that this will all be a distant memory for me. I will smile back on this phase of my life with gratitude and deep appreciation for the strength of my body and mind. 👊🏻💜💪🏼

It’s just a phase....🌘🌗🌖🌕🌒🌓🌔🌙

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