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Nov 22-28

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We are continuing to explore everything and every option. 

My grandma will have another appointment next week for an MRI to evaluate the placement of the cancer on her kidney and to assess whether it is impacting the vena cava. If it is she will be undergoing surgery with a different doctor at UNMH instead of in Santa Fe. After this appointment she will be ready to have her surgery to remove the kidney altogether on the 20th of this month. 

She is doing well and is keeping her normal routine of cooking, baking, walking and loving on her pets and family. While managing her new medication that is attacking the blood vessels feeding the cancer. We would like to ask for prayers, that the medication work exactly as it is intended and that she have minimal symptoms. We are prayerful that this journey could be the end of the cancer and we can work on being completely well from here. 

Send her love and messages! She reads them all, thank you all for sticking around and for praying! 

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