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October 2, 2020

We are continuing to explore everything and every option. 

My grandma will have another appointment next week for an MRI to evaluate the placement of the cancer on her kidney and to assess whether it is impacting the vena cava. If it is she will be undergoing surgery with a different doctor at UNMH instead of in Santa Fe. After this appointment she will be ready to have her surgery to remove the kidney altogether on the 20th of this month. 

She is doing well and is keeping her normal routine of cooking, baking, walking and loving on her pets and family. While managing her new medication that is attacking the blood vessels feeding the cancer. We would like to ask for prayers, that the medication work exactly as it is intended and that she have minimal symptoms. We are prayerful that this journey could be the end of the cancer and we can work on being completely well from here. 

Send her love and messages! She reads them all, thank you all for sticking around and for praying! 

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September 22, 2020

Surgery went well and she was able to go home! Her doctors said that there was a blockage with her kidney and that the stent should help her. 

She has a lot of other appointments that will tell us more in the coming days. Please subscribe for more information. 


September 21, 2020

Our HOPE needs stamina. 

Got this message yesterday and I truly feel it applies to all we are facing with our most recent update with my Grandma.
It’s been over a year since she was diagnosed with Stage 4 kidney cancer and she has been receiving immunotherapy routinely since being diagnosed which has led to amazing results and significant decrease in growth. She has been active and has been taking every precaution to stay that way. 

We found out on Thursday of last week when she showed up for her treatment that her most recent scan was not what we expected and that the growth around her kidney had grown a small 2cm but, growth means that the treatment is no longer working. It is by the advice of her doctors and treatment specialists that she has agreed to go in for two surgeries in the next month-her first surgery will be tomorrow September 22nd at 3:30pm to place a stent in, the second will be on October 20th at 12:30p to remove the kidney with cancer entirely. She will also start a series of medicine orally that will hopefully stop the growth of this cancer to anywhere else in her body. 

We will remain HOPEFUL and FAITHFUL. 
It is never easy to look at the situation and hear words like ‘treatment isn’t working’ and that surgery is necessary, but I think what we know as a family is that God has been faithful and HE is watching over her and all of us in this process. We are asking now that you, the reader, please join with us in prayer over my Grandma Carol and over the doctors. 

This is a scary time we live in- surgery is scary even without the weight of a pandemic. They are only allowing one family member with her through both surgeries, the rest of us will only be able to communicate via FaceTime. This isn’t easy but we trust in who holds our hope and we would love if you would intercede on her behalf. 

We thank you for your continued support through it all. 

Audri Marie 


June 28, 2019

My mom successfully completed her first treatment today and all went well. No problems thus far, she’s just sleepy tonight. Thank you for the continued prayers! 🧡


June 27, 2019

Tomorrow (Friday) my mom begins her treatment at 8am. Please lift her up in prayer. God is our great physician and we put full trust in him and his healing on her body. 🙌🏼✝️


June 21, 2019

Today we met with my mom’s cancer specialist and her prognosis is great!! She has clear cell subtype kidney cancer and she will begin her IV infusion treatments of immunotherapy in the next few weeks. There were 7 items that determine her prognosis and she only has 1 of the 7 which is great because her risk is intermediate versus poor. Praise God! Let’s continue to gather around her and support her. 🧡


June 12, 2019

Today my mom had the mass on her kidney biopsied. She’s recovering well now. We’re awaiting the results and this will tell us what type of kidney cancer she has and will guide her treatment. Continue to pray for healing and a strong immune system to continue to fight! ✝️


June 4, 2019

We just met with the cancer specialist and it was a very hopeful visit! God’s Grace is evident. My mom will need to start with a biopsy of her right kidney and once they determine the type of kidney cancer it is they will decide which treatment is best. They use immunotherapy which is a medication to boost her immune system to “melt” away the cancer. Or another treatment that targets the cancer cells. Both treatments have very little side effects and she can live her normal life and activities. This keeps us hopeful for a healed mama! Please continue to pray for her immune system to respond positively and pray for the medical professionals to have the wisdom they need to care for her. 🧡