Honor Evan

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Gifted by A Fellow Colonel - Keep fighting big man!

“In honor of Evan Pertile”

Gifted by Mr. William A. Whitten

“Love to you all - Betty & Bill”
Susanna Tyagi

Gifted by Susanna Tyagi

“In honor of Evan Pertile”
Courtney Truluck

Gifted by Courtney Truluck

“In honor of Evan Pertile”
Mr. & Mrs. Marshall Taylor

Gifted by Mr. & Mrs. Marshall Taylor

“In honor of Evan Pertile - Go Evan!”
Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Hicks

Gifted by Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Hicks

“In honor of Evan Pertile's amazing strength!”
Margaret Axson

Gifted by Margaret Axson

“In honor of Evan Pertile”
John Thorne

Gifted by John Thorne

“Best wishes to Evan Pertile.”
Dr. Kerry Brown

Gifted by Dr. Kerry Brown

“In honor of Evan Pertile. You are in our prayers!”
Mr. & Mrs. Dirk Cooper

Gifted by Mr. & Mrs. Dirk Cooper

“Evan, You da' Man! A true warrior. We love you!”