Honor Evan

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“In memory of a special boy who brightened your life with his sparling eyes and smile.”

— Frances T. April

“In honor of Evan Cousineau”

— Mr. & Mrs. John Rosano

“In honor of Evan Cousineau, I give this to Iggy.”

— Ms. Christine L. Colosimo

“In honor of Evan Cousineau”

— Julie Roth

“Evan was a bright spark in my life, extinguised too soon.”

— Frances T. April

“An amazing boy...Evan Christian Cousineau.”

— Kristi Webb

“I will volunteer ANYTIME you need me! Luv, Brenna”

— Brenna Thomas

“In loving memory of Evan, with love to the Cousineas.”

— Peggy O'Donnell

“In honor of Evan Cousineau”

— David Woodrow

“In honor of Evan Cousineau, our angel saving lives.”

— Ms. Jacqui Gaulager