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Hi everyone! So many of you have reached out to offer support, prayers, encouragement, and much more. THANK YOU! In an effort to keep you all informed and up-to-date, we thought we'd start here. We will update regularly on what's going on, how we're doing, if we have any needs and/or prayer requests, etc. Please join us here and follow along as we embark on this crazy journey the Lord has us on.

Newest Update

Journal entry by Lydia Rodgers

Hello all!

I apologize for not sharing updates on the "Big Day" we posted about several weeks ago. It's been a crazy time. Please forgive me.

GREAT NEWS!!! The MRI showed there was a complete reversal of Ethan's hindbrain herniation. Meaning, his brain has moved back up into place, where it should be. The possibility of him developing hydrocephalus and needing a shunt has been reduced from 90% to 20%!! Isn't that crazy!? Thank you for all of your prayers. They were heard! We are so thrilled and thankful for this.

In other news...whomp, whomp. We've got some not-so-happy updates. This Monday I came into the hospital with contractions occurring every 3 minutes. This is NOT good for being only 32 weeks pregnant. After testing and trying to figure out why, they discovered I have what is called a dehiscence of the incision scar. Meaning, the incision is not completely closed in one area. It's also called a uterine window, where the tissue in that area is so thin you see through it. This coupled with contractions poses a very serious and dangerous risk of uterine rupture. 

The doctors explained this is a game changer and completely changes their plan of action for Baby Ethan and I. I have been admitted to the hospital and will remain here on bedrest until delivery. We were hoping for a scheduled c-section at 37 weeks. Now however, they are simply hoping I make it to 34 weeks. I am being monitored for contractions and if they get to how they were on Monday, the doctors will go in and deliver Ethan right there. They cannot risk my uterus's just too dangerous for me. 

The good news in all of this...
  1. We made it to 32 weeks!! This is huge. There are a lot of complications that come with pre-term births. But most of the scary ones disappear once the baby is 32 weeks. IF Ethan needs to be delivered soon, the main challenges will be lung development and needing a feeding tube. This is a HUGE relief.
  2. I came in on Monday for unrelated symptoms, but the doctors found this dehiscence by random...well, random to them, but completely intentional of the Lord. I truly believe this was a blessing from God. A uterine rupture is extremely dangerous. To have that happen while at home or out and about would not have been good. Now I'm in the right place, being cared for and monitored closely to avoid a rupture. Thank you Lord for getting me here.
  3. Supposedly, I've been walking around for weeks with this complication. What a miracle that nothing has happened and through all the stress of life I have remained asymptomatic. Again, a blessing of the Lord.

So that's where we are today. I'm sad to be separated from my family. However, another blessing is the apartment we've been given is only a 5 minute drive away. So they will come see me every day. I'll spend the rest of my time resting and getting ready to meet our new son (which I will get to meet much sooner than I thought...another blessing!)

Please continue to pray for us. For health and safety for Baby Ethan and I, for Jeremy as he cares for Jesse and goes between home and hospital, for Jesse as he continues to adjust to this new life, and for our family (who have been so helpful in staying with us and helping us where we need it). 
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