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Update 06.05.18 PT. II

As many of you know my mom has been in the hospital for several days working on getting her kidneys in working order again! For those that want more information, I’ve given a more detailed account of the last week below. 

On Friday 06-01 my mom made the decision to go to the doctor as she had not been feeling well for several days, I.e. nausea, lethargy, loss of appetite. After some blood work, we learned that my moms kidneys were not functioning properly. Her tumor was occluding her ureter which was causing back up into her kidney. 

Once in in the hospital, they did a scan and we learned that unfortunately her chemo pill is not doing its job; the cancer had spread. She began this particular form of chemo about 8 weeks ago as her previous chemo treatment was no longer working either. As you can imagine, hearing this news was a hard pill to swallow. After consulting with the doctors they felt that the best course of action, and main priority was to get the kidneys working again. On Saturday 6-03 the doctors put in a nephrostomy. This will help relieve the back up in her kidneys. The only downside to this is now she has to carry around an I sorely accessory that does not go with ANY of her outfits!  Since Sunday her kidney function has improved which is great news as we cannot address her cancer until her kidneys are up and running again! 

As a lot of you have been asking, yes we would love to have visitors. Just shoot me a text first to make sure she’s up for it !

Again, the purpose of this blog is to spend less time sharing information and more time chatting about the more fun things in life!

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