Deb Finn|Jul 3, 2018
Thinking of you Erin and sending my love!
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Dorene Garofolo|Jun 18, 2018
Erin Jean I do not have poison ivy. 😂
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Sallie Opicka|Jun 8, 2018
Erin my dear, you were my first introduction to Cleveland at EATS! From there came the restaurant crew from downtown...1989 and you haven’t aged a day and are as beautiful as ever! Glad you’re back home with many friends and family 😇 My heart and prayers are with you and your beautiful girls ~ amazing blessings surround you ~ the more you count them, the more you have! Gooo Kidneys, kick it into gear and make PROGRESS! Love and hugs to you and yours ♥️😘💜😇🙏🏻💙❣️
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Denise Harding|Jun 7, 2018
Hey lovely ladies!!
Let's get those kidneys filtering again!!
Bedazzle that nephrostomy bag!!
Thinking about you, wishing you well, loving you ladies!
Hugs and kisses to you all!!
Will visit soon.
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