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Aug 09-15

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Hi everyone, 

This is Becky, Erik's daughter, writing.

Erik died just after midnight last night.

Marcia, Jenny, Michael Burawoy and I were all there with him. Yesterday morning, he had a fever and complained of pain; and things moved very quickly to a point where he was not able to be responsive.  We did what we could to make him comfortable, and the nurses and doctors at Froedtert were helpful, compassionate, and supportive. We spent time during the day and evening together reminiscing and laughing and holding his hand. We talked about how he would have had so much fun being there with all of us. Marcia finished reading him The Clearing so he could hear the ending.  We believe he was peaceful at the end.

We know how much this Caringbridge site has meant to him over the past months, and the community that has formed here is truly remarkable. It's been a great source of comfort and inspiration to read the comments here.  We are grateful for these ways that we get to continue to experience his great love of people, life, and the world. Thank you for being a part of that.

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