Talmadge Wright|Jan 18, 2019
Dear Erik, You probably do not remember me but as a fellow colleague via ASA, I always followed your work and have taught it extensively in my graduate classes at Loyola University Chicago. I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful insightful analysis both of Marxism, class struggle and the many debates my fellow professors have had over the years both in the Marxist ASA section and elsewhere. Your ideas will carry on because they combined both an empirical truthfulness as well as an attachment to struggle and human liberation which I and others admire. Your understanding of the nuances of social class also gave me a positive reason when I was doing research on homelessness and social movements to think of the abject poor not as lumpen but as actors in their own right. So thank you! Sincerely, Talmadge Wright, Professor Emeritus, Dept. of Sociology, Loyola University Chicago.
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