Natalia García-Pardo|Jan 18, 2019
Hi Erik, glad to hear from you again. Lots of adventures you run these past days. Specially those 25 old students visiting you on monday. Some from the 80's, as myself. I wish I could have been there also. Sorry to hear that you got an infection and I do hope that you get back soon your CFAC room. It must make a difference. I am sure you will get enough energy to finish your letter to your grandchildren. I agree that CaringBridge, something I ignored it existed untill now, is a wonderful comunicating experience for all of us. But it is you and your personality that makes it possible and I am happy that you do. Keep at it, Erik.
Much much love from this student of yours from Spain.
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Rachel Dwyer|Jan 18, 2019
Oh Erik, so much love to you and your family, and so grateful that you’re surrounded by your family and that extraordinary team of care workers at Froedtert.

I’m deeply moved by your desire to convey how much your life has been enriched by your relationships with your students. And so moved by the community of people you have connected here on caring bridge all sharing our love of you and our gratitude for our time together. In your reflections on kindness and generosity you’re expressing again how love is at the core of your commitments, and the deep and rewarding reciprocity that entails. In the Times yesterday Leonhardt wrote a column, “students learn from the teachers they love,” about the connection between learning and the emotional quality of relationships with teachers: “what teachers really teach is themselves—their contagious passion for their subjects and students.” How very true of you, and what is more, as many others have also said here, you taught and keep teaching your contagious passion for life and love.

I’ve been reflecting a lot on how your commitments to family shaped my own orientation to life and love. By holding meetings and dinners for visiting scholars etc. in your home, so many of us students saw you caring alongside your scholarly work: connecting in various ways with Marcia and your kids, cooking dinner while talking about a project, taking a phone call from Jenny or Becky at college, packing up to visit your mother, and, in recent years, stepping away from meetings, receptions, etc. to sing “Dadoo’s song” to your most cherished grandchildren over the phone. I deeply thank your family for their incredible kindness and generosity in sharing some of your family life with all of us, including in these recent months and weeks. I’m only now realizing how much I soaked up those lessons and how much your example profoundly influenced me in my own commitment to parenting while “professoring” (with lots of support from many people just as you have had, including my wonderful husband and extended family and highly supportive department culture and colleagues at OSU). Your delight in my children (well, all children!) and their total delight in you will always be among the most cherished memories of my life. You are so very beloved on this earth Erik. With profound gratitude and admiration and all hope for the best possible surprises, Rachel
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Tod Van Gunten|Jan 18, 2019
Thanks are due to Josh Whitford for organizing us all to make the video. I think it did us all good to do something celebratory. I wish I could come visit but am far away in Scotland. Sending lots of love.
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Tim Richardson|Jan 17, 2019
I’d like to add my voice to the chorus of people who get a lot of meaning and sense of connection from this blog, while being far from the circles you mentioned. We met briefly a few weeks ago when you Skyped the Toronto reading group. I (and we) have been so impacted by your academic work, and now your story here too.

I want to echo a sentiment I’ve read other commenters write elsewhere - that your life’s work, care and attention will form ripples through time, the consequences of which none of us alive now can begin to imagine, but that will push people to taking better care of each other. And that you have had this impact on people like us, who you may have never even met in person.

Best of luck finishing the letter, with the next few weeks, and with the surprises to come.
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Isabelle F.|Jan 17, 2019 (edited)
You are such an extraordinary force of nature, dear Erik... Thank you so much for sending us these news despite your lack of energy, and ever seeking to see the light - beautiful side of life, however the circumstances. Love and peace of mind, i.
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Mansoor moaddel|Jan 17, 2019
Keep up the good fight and high spirit.
You are in my thoughts.
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Griffin McCarthy-Bur|Jan 17, 2019
Keep fighting, Erik! I have just boughten a bus ticket to Milwaukee and will be dropping in to see you tomorrow. Til then, a luta continua! Keeping you in my thoughts.
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Leslie Salzinger|Jan 17, 2019
Sending strength and admiration. Leslie
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Ozlem Altiok|Jan 17, 2019
The struggle goes on Erik. Always!
Wishing for surprises.
With love,
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Joan Fujimura|Jan 17, 2019
You are amazing! Hugs, Joan
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