Adam Swift|Jan 17, 2019
Hi Erik I just wanted you to know I'm thinking of you with love and admiration. I admired your work as soon as I knew it, nearly 20 years before we met, was so pleased to get to know you back in 1998 when I first came to Madison (and met Harry for the first time too, without you that may never have happened!), and have so much enjoyed seeing you on and off - alas too little on, too much off - since then. You were an intellectual inspiration all along, became a personal inspiration as soon as I got to know you, and now I'm even more admiring, of your courage and clarity and open heartedness, in this final phase of your wonderfully lived life.
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Peter Evans|Jan 16, 2019
Ever since last April, you have been teaching a master class on how to respond to a life threatening health challenge. Your master class has been a great gift to your family, friends, colleagues and comrades. Few, if any, of us can hope to be able replicate the lessons that it has encompassed, but none of us will forget them. Your frank acceptance of the reality of being under dire physical attack – no sugar coating – has been combined from beginning to end with savoring every successful strategy of resistance, however temporary or limited. You have stayed in the fray with energy and devotion, whether the news was bad or good, overcoming discouragement and moments of desperation, delighting in every visit and every outpouring of support. Somehow, you have transformed your master class on how to confront a deadly disease into a master class on love, on the value of love, on the intense pleasure and satisfaction of the love you share with those surrounding you, on how this love has become the most important dimension of your experience. We will always be grateful.
With much love, Peter
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Natalia García-Pardo|Jan 15, 2019
Hi Marcia and Erik, I wish you a peaceful time out of the hospital
Love and hugs,
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Sonia Baku|Jan 15, 2019
Thanks for letting us know, dear Marcia. Transitions can be challenging, but it's wonderful that Erik's condition will let you be together in a non-medicalized environment. May you have many lovely moments there!
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Sarah Siskind|Jan 15, 2019
Funny, nice, postscript.
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