Margaret Somers|Jan 14, 2019
Erik, this is such good news that the news is not all bad anymore and even contains an element of hope. How wonderful for you it would be for you to be able to escape the hospital for a while, although speaking from experience after months and months and months of continuous hospitalization, going out into the world is overwhelming, like the light from the sun is almost blinding. You will continue to be surrounded by the warm cushion of all your loving family and friends, as I know they feel so honored to be around you and share this whole story with you. I love your recounting how you're dictating your life's memories to you grandkids and the sheer joy it's bringing you. I can't even imagine the joy it will bring them.
As I've said to you elsewhere, your greatest gift of generosity to all of us has been your willingness to share the detailed processes of your treatment and your body's reactions to all of it. You have brought death out of the closet and helped all of us--at least me--face it by borrowing on your strength and Zen analysis. May you continue to be pain free, love Peggy
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David Amor|Jan 13, 2019
Erik, a posting on the Marxist Sociology email list provided a link to this site. I am so sorry to hear of your condition, but buoyed by your strength and courage and good will, evident on every page of this blog. As a long-ago grad student from another program (Mass Comm, early 1980s), I can certainly attest to your generosity, not only agreeing to allow me into your grad seminars but also supervising a prelim area. Definitely above and beyond. And I saw over and over the care and attention you gave to your students, about their personal lives as much as their intellectual development. Yes, definitely love. My best wishes: devour the time. David
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Robin Stryker|Jan 13, 2019
Hi Erik --

Hoping you are able to be discharged to home for a bit. Enjoying the thought of Becky typing 90 words a minute and recall that I used to hear you typing just about that fast from across the hall. What struck me then was not that you could type so fast but that you could THINK at 90 words a minute and it came out in coherent form (though perhaps not without typos).

Am assuming you are also recording your voice as you tell your wonderful stories for the grand kids, They will love to read the stories but my guess is they will also love to listen to them. Voices and intonation and emotional resonance are so evocative...

Sending you and Marcia hugs.
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Patrick Barrett|Jan 13, 2019
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Håkon Leiulfsrud|Jan 13, 2019
Dear Erik and Marcia . I have just sent an email to and some pictures from the Leiulfsrud family. Love, Håkon
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Chad Goldberg|Jan 13, 2019
Hi Erik, I’m glad to hear that the doctors have given a more positive report in recent days and that you feel pretty good. It’s wonderful that you’re able to share life stories and leave them for your grandchildren. I wish I could have been present to hear the story about you and Marcia.

I may be far from Wisconsin at the moment, but I’m keeping you in my thoughts. I’m in Jerusalem for a meeting at the Israel Institute for Advanced Study, but since the meeting isn’t till tomorrow, I walked to the Western Wall today to say a little prayer for your health. I also wrote it down on a slip of paper, which I slid into the cracks of the wall, as is the custom here. You know, a prayer can’t get any more direct than that—it’s like registered mail or something. :-) It’s said that the Shekhinah (Divine Presence) has never left the Western Wall, so I am hopeful she heard me today.

רפאנו השם ונרפא
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Diego Salazar|Jan 12, 2019
Good to read you in a good mood. I wish you the best, you deserve it.
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Kathy Cole-Kelly|Jan 12, 2019
Oh I’d love to hear the falling in love story!!! I’m sure I heard it before. Maybe time for an eriki podcast!!!! 😉😉😉 So glad you’re having better days!!! Best news imaginable!!!!!! Much love! Kathy
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Maureen Dolan|Jan 12, 2019
Dear Erik, Thinking of you and joining you in praise of uncertainty—pleased at your more positive report! As a former student, I wanted you to know that you are remembered every day as I find the words and summon your inspirational vision for students in my own classes. And I am sure that there are generations of your students who share my feelings. Love to you and your family.
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Szonja (Szelényi) Ivester|Jan 12, 2019
Sweet Erik, This post puts a smile on my face! Hugs and kisses to you.
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